Scenting Retail & Malls

Entice and inspire your shoppers!

You have probably known for a long time that a retail experience should be a complete experience.

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to stand out in the cluttered retail landscape. Whether it is through music, store layout and visual merchandising or using celebrities to endorse your products, retailers are fighting to be seen and heard in shopping malls and streets around the world.

Imagine targeting the most powerful sense of all, the sense of smell. You can do that through ambient scenting.

Retail Scenting – Perfect Customer Experience

Research has shown that consumers linger longer in a pleasantly scented environment and are prepared to pay higher prices for goods and services. Scent in retail stores also triggers peoples’ memory and emotions and enables them to associate brands with a certain scent, even years from now.

AromaTech’s in-store scent delivery systems in combination with quality aroma oils and signature scents provide retailers with a great tool to complete their branding story and offer consumers a unique retail experience that is memorable and long lasting.

AromaPro offers an ideal solution to implement scent branding in retail stores from small to medium size. It’s elegant and sleek design will suit any decor,allowing you to enhance your brand and create the desired mood.

Benefits of Scenting

Our sense of smell impacts our daily emotions and feelings for 75% as it is directly hard-wired to our limbic system, which controls memory and emotions.

The first 15 seconds of consumers’ retail experience largely determines how they feel about their overall retail experience.

Retailers use scent to prolong customer visits.

Consumers will remember scented stores more than the unscented ones. Shoppers spend more money and browse longer in environments that are scented.