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Medium Space Scent Diffusers for Your Apartment or Home

There are few safer or more effective ways to scent your home or apartment than with a cold-air nebulizing diffuser. While some people choose to use room sprays or candles, these can contain chemicals or tend to fade away fast. If you’d like to quickly and consistently fill your living space with your favorite scent, there’s no easier way to do so than with an AromaTech scenting machine, such as diffusers that can powerfully distribute scent over an area up to 1,000 square feet.

What Makes These Diffusers So Easy to Use (and Re-Use)

If you’re like many people, you likely want to use your diffuser to create a relaxing scent to help you or your family unwind at home. Having to deal with a complicated or frustrating gadget is not likely to set the mood you wish to create—but thankfully, our diffusers are simple to operate and program to your exact preferences. All you need do is remove the cover, pour in your favorite scent, and replace within the machine. By simply adjusting a few programmable controls, you can set the times you’d like to scent and allow the diffuser to take it from there.

Feel Good About the Way You Scent

These medium-space scent diffusers require no mixing and use no heat to distribute scent throughout your space effectively, meaning that you will not have to handle harsh, highly-concentrated oils, or worry about you, a loved one, or a pet encountering hot surfaces. When you use Aromatech’s 100 percent pure scenting oils in your diffuser, you will also have greater peace of mind knowing that your chosen aroma will contain no artificial additives or synthetic chemicals. So, feel free to breathe easy and take in some of your favorite scents with the help of one of our sleek and versatile cold-air diffusers.