Our Advantage

Who We Are

We are a Canadian company headquartered in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. All of our innovations and creative ideas are generated and brought to life in Vancouver. Getting inspiration from the mountains and ocean we design all of our products in house, while our order fulfillment and shipping takes place from another magical city of Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2009, AromaTech™ has been working with world renowned brands such as Apple, Four Seasons, Harley Davidson, Jimmy Choo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Sky Zone Trampoline Parks, Steve Nash Sports Clubs, and many other industry leaders and mega brands who want to connect with their customers on a deeper and more emotional level.

Over the years AromaTech™ has been committed to refining and improving commercial scenting systems, and now we are happy to bring this technology into your home, with ease and convenience.

We believe in the preservation and contribution to our local and global economies. All of our 100% Pure Essential Oils and Aroma Oil Blends are manufactured in the United States to ensure they are made with highest quality and freshest ingredients available. We are committed to fair trade and cruelty free practices of the manufacturing and distribution of our products.

Our Beliefs

Our goal is to provide you with an ambience in your home as unique as you are, along with that, unique and personalized customer care. We are always happy to help you and hear what you have to say. We will answer all of your questions honestly and sincerely.

At AromaTech™, we continuously strive to provide the best commercial and home scenting solutions, home fragrances, and essential oils available in the world. We are dedicated to excellence and strive to stand behind our products unconditionally. We are committed to treating you and all forms of life with the utmost respect. We are humbled and thankful to be here, to do what we love, and to serve you.


We believe that the impact of human consumption has damaged the Earth and its Ecosystems, and to survive we must treat our one and only home with respect. It has become more critical to support natural choices, both large and small.

AromaTech™ is rooted in environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility.

All of our ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources that are never tested on animals. Our packaging is created and designed from recycled and recyclable materials. We are committed to the creation of sustainable and cruelty-free products that are safe for you, your family and pets, and our planet.

100% Natural Ingredients

All of our Essential and Aroma Oil Blends are created from pure and natural ingredients that are Eco-friendly, Pet Friendly, Non-GMO and contain no harmful chemicals or additives. We use pure and natural ingredients that are sourced from renewable and sustainable resources throughout the world.

We combine our 100% Pure Essential Oils with all-natural base ingredients to create 100% All Natural Aroma Oil Blends that are free of parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGS, glycols, petrochemicals, synthetic colours, harmful chemicals, and additives. These ingredients are clean, raw, and unrefined, just as nature intended.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have incredible therapeutic and healing properties that have been used for centuries to improve human health and well-being. From improving illness and physical ailments, to mental clarity and emotional well-being, the full potential and powers of essential oils are becoming more and more evident.

Our 100% Pure Essential Oils are extracted from a wide variety of raw herbs, grasses, flowers, leaves, fruits, and trees. In order for you to receive the full olfactive and therapeutic benefits, we ensure that our 100% Pure Essential Oils are true to their natural state with no synthetic colours, additives, or chemicals. All of our essential oils contain no genetically modified organism (NON-GMO).

Our Guarantee

We continuously strive to provide the best commercial and home scenting solutions, home fragrances, and essential oils available in the world. In order to provide you with high quality products at reasonable costs we ask for no returns after 15 days of purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to offer you a full refund within return policy guidelines.

Please see “Return Policy” for more details.