Because Even the Smallest Rooms in your Home are Entitled to a Lovely Scent

A powerful AromaTech cold-air diffuser connected to your AC-system will do splendidly for most big spaces in your home. However, they may not necessarily reach far enough also to include any smaller rooms. Besides, in general, you keep your doors locked, so how can you assure a lovely scent throughout your home, wherever you go? For smaller spaces, the AromaCube is an excellent addition.

The AromaCube, small but with significant power

For spaces up to 100 square feet, the AromaCube cold-air diffuser is ideal. 3" wide and 4" high, the lightweight device takes only a fraction of the available space. Available in both black and white, it can easily blend in with your room's furniture and decoration, or thanks to its size, you can entirely hide it away from view. You can operate it with batteries or with a power cord for reliable continuity. Depending on the size of the room, three to twenty droplets of essential oil on the cotton pad are required. Start with ten, and depending on the result, increase or decrease the amount. Since the big bottles of the AromaTech essential or aroma oils aren't practical for use with the tiny AromaCube, we advise using 10 ml bottles.

The same scent everywhere, or a slightly different one here and there

The AromaCube diffuser ensures that your whole house has the same delightful perfume, even in smaller spaces. Consider however one of our scent bundles to create a more varied ambiance with different scents that complement each other. It is exciting to explore the numerous combinations or add your favorites. If you often vary oils, don't forget also to order extra cotton pads. Preferably, use a fresh pad for every new oil you use.