Scenting Commercial Offices

What if you could improve employee happiness and productivity through scenting?

Scenting in offices and schools can help to improve moods, and increase focus and productivity. By using aroma oils such you can easily improve the air quality, and employee productivity.

Through AromaTech’s HVAC/AC capable scent diffusers, it has never been easier or more cost effective to create a pleasant work environment. Scenting office space and work environments with invigorating scents such as peppermint, sunny citrus, or crushed lime can improve recall and memory. Scenting is commonly used in many workplaces and universities to enhance performance and efficiency of workers.

Did you know that studies have shown workers who were exposed to the smell of lavender had a decrease in work-related errors, while peppermint increased speed and accuracy?and warm home like feel.

Benefits of Scenting

Improve Performance and Productivity.
Create a positive street relieving environment.
Improve air quality by using AromaTech’s Fresh Eucalyptus Oil, and cold air diffusion.