Scenting Car Dealerships

You already know that the auto industry is extremely competitive, and the majority of your customers make a car purchase infrequently. Their loyalty needs to be deserved, and relationship strengthened.

Scent Solutions

AromaTech scent delivery systems will help you create the ultimate sales experience in your dealership and scenting will add a new dimension to your customer care. Welcome your customers with a luxurious scent from AromaTech in the reception area diffused through the AromaPro or consider scenting the entire dealership with the AirStream HVAC (scenting through the air conditioning ventilation).

Benefits of Scenting

Add value to your brand by diffusing scents to create a unique and lasting impression.
Scent takes the edge off, and consumers feel relaxed and comfortable in scented environments.
Scent influences mood and memory as well affect 75% of our emotions.