Cold Air Diffusion

Cold-Air Nebulizing Technology – What Is It?

There’s no easier, cleaner, or safer way to reap the maximum benefits from diffusing your AromaTech essential and aroma oils than our patented cold-air nebulizing technology. While many diffusers on the market require the addition of heat, evaporation, or fans to operate, our fragrance diffusers need only the natural air flow in the room to transform your oils into an ultra-fine, dry mist. This process opens the full olfactive experience of your scents and allows you and your employees and customers to enjoy all their therapeutic benefits without having to use heat or dilute them with water or solvents.


What makes this technology the best? First, cold-air diffusion is efficient, allowing you to use less oil as you scent even large areas such as retail stores and office spaces. Also, because it requires no dilution, our cold-air diffusion technology won’t affect the properties of your oils. Unlike with ultrasonic diffusers, which use evaporation and require diluting oils with water, our diffusers use nothing but your 100% pure essential and aroma oils and unheated air. This process results in a consistent and longer-lasting scent and preserves the integrity of your oils for optimal benefits.

How does nebulization work?

Nebulization is the process by which AromaTech diffusers disperse essential and aroma oils into the air. It involves breaking down the oil into a fine, dry mist that won’t leave an oily residue behind. As the diffusion process takes place and the scented mist is distributed throughout your space, the air filter inside your diffuser safeguards against any dust or foreign particles disturbing the diffusion process. This technology results in an environment that’s perfectly, subtly, and consistently scented.


Our diffusers also give you complete control over the level of intensity of your scent diffusion. Manage the intensity levels efficiently with the user-friendly controls on your diffuser. Whether your scent is subtle and delicate or bold and strong is up to you.

AromaTech nebulizing fragrance diffusers

Each of our high-quality scent machines is designed with both form and function in mind. Our sleek, stylish diffusers suit any décor as they deliver efficient scenting in any business. You can see the difference for yourself when you choose an AromaTech scent machine and a selection of our 100% essential and aroma oil blends. No other diffusion technology has the power to release your oils as a micro-mist for long-lasting and precise scenting.


AromaTech scent machines come in several different designs to suit a wide range of business needs. We also offer diffusers you can mount to the wall and, if desired, connect to your HVAC/AC system for consistent scenting throughout even a considerable space with multiple zones. Many of our diffusers are fully programmable so that you can set the hours of operation and scent intensity you want. You’ll start each day the right way when you start it with AromaTech.

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