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Why Diffusing Oils Is Better Than Burning Candles

Why Diffusing Oils Is Better Than Burning Candles

We all love the powerful effect of a beautiful fragrance that can change the atmosphere in a room, whether it’s the intensity of an invigorating aroma lifting the mood or a soothing scent providing a calm and sleepy environment. Does it really matter how you diffuse the aroma within a room as long as there is an effective result? When it comes to spreading scent effectively, there are multiple benefits to diffusing methods other than candles.

Whether it is for safety reasons, such as removing the risk of a fire, or for health benefits, including decreasing the chances of inhaling hazardous chemicals, diffusing oils are becoming more on-trend than candles to spread scents and even promote well-being.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Diffusing Oils over Candles

  • Safety concerns: Candles are not always a practical option for spreading an aroma throughout a room, especially as most apartments and dorms do not permit an open flame. You also risk the scented candle being accidentally knocked over, causing the glass jar to smash or hot wax to encounter sensitive skin. If you have a family or pets, candles can be hazardous to leave out in the open, which is why diffusers make for a safer alternative. They don’t require any form of internal heat to disperse their scented oils, there is no hot wax or flame, and you can discreetly place them to the side of the room.
  • Your health is important: Families are expressing growing concern over the potential hazards around us, and inhaling toxic chemicals is one of those hazards. Investigations into the making of scented candles show that most brands use paraffin, lead, benzene, and toluene. The latter two are known carcinogens, so upon the burning of your candle, hazardous toxins are being released into the air that you are breathing. Essential oils that you disperse via a diffuser represent a safe and clean method of distributing a pleasant scent. AromaTech’s nebulizing diffuser breaks down fragrance oil into a fine, dry mist that leaves behind no residue and contains no harsh added chemicals.
  • A scent that lasts all day: Although scented candles provide an initially strong odor, rarely do they go the distance and last the entire day. The candle’s aroma dissipates very quickly in the surrounding environment, but a diffuser can administer a continuous and constant scent. This method of fragrance distribution provides a light scent yet one that is constantly refreshing itself for an entire day, week, or month.
  • Discreet diffusers: Candles are usually beautifully designed for display, yet the risks associated with an open flame, especially for kids and pets, make many households think twice. You can select an elegant essential oil that complements your home décor and create ambience without the need to have a candle or even a diffuser on display. These devices are made to be sleek and discreet in size, meaning that you can tuck away your diffuser out of sight. You can even spend a little bit extra to source a beautifully-designed diffuser to blend in with your surroundings.
  • Save money: It is easy to think that purchasing one candle is cheaper than buying a diffuser and essential oils. With a candle, you are almost paying for an experience rather than a lasting product: the candle will burn down after about 40 hours of use, and you will end up having to replace it regularly. A diffuser is far more cost-effective for most households, as the device will last for years and the fragrance will linger for far longer than a scented candle’s.

While it does come down to personal choice, essential oils are a safer and cleaner option. A diffuser will eliminate the risk of leaving an open flame unattended while providing you with a subtle yet continuous aroma. If you want to boost your home fragrance, you can even place several essential oil diffusers around your home.

At AromaTech, we provide a variety of 100% pure essential oils that range from the invigorating scents that boost your mood to the calming aromas that decrease your stress levels. Whatever you choose, contact us today to get the fragrance and diffuser that is right for you.

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