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First Aid with Essential Oils

First Aid with Essential Oils

Natural health remedies are finding their way into more households every year. The overuse of antibiotics is making common bacteria resistant to synthetic attempts at eradication. They are evolving and, at some point, synthetic medications may become ineffective. Fighting like with like is one way to view natural alternatives when dealing with the threat of bacteria and viruses.

Research is providing insight into how natural alternatives work to produce results with fewer side effects. Think about it–we are natural beings who consume foods produced naturally. Doesn’t it make sense to treat common ailments with similar ingredients?

To Play in the Dirt or Not?

Parents do whatever they can to protect their children from strangers, harming themselves and others, and germs. Studies have found that children who attend group day care centers from a young age have more ailments during those years than children isolated from those environments, but once they reach school age, they miss less school than their counterparts. The children who are not exposed to these germs until they reach school are more likely to come down with an illness as soon as they come into contact with it.

Letting your child get outside and play in the dirt with other kids exposes him or her to small doses of germs that allow the immune system to build up defenses over time. On a very small scale, the result is similar to vaccinations, only against the common bacteria and viruses that everyone is exposed to daily.

Venturing outside is not without its perils, as any young adventurer knows well. Scraped knees and elbows need a good washing with plain soap and water, a little ointment, and some love to heal. Adding a little essential oil to the ointment will encourage healing while providing light pain relief.

The Best Essential Oils to Have on Hand

While all essential oils serve a purpose, there are a few that are worth keeping on hand.

One way to help keep your family healthy is to diffuse tea tree oil, which kills certain bacteria and viruses on surfaces, limiting the spread of illness in your household.

If a stomach bug takes up residence in your home, diffusing peppermint oil will calm queasy stomachs and leave a pleasant aroma that aids in symptom relief, as will diffusing rosemary oil.

Lavender oil not only relaxes you but may also help with headaches. Diffuse some lavender oil, lay down and close your eyes, and feel the tension melt and pain recede.

Oregano oil will help open nasal passages, as will eucalyptus oil. Both also possess antibacterial properties to help prevent the spread of viruses throughout your home.

Take Care with Topical Applications

Essential oils are the natural byproduct of plants. Some are safe for direct topical application, including specially-formulated body mists, but most will require the use of a carrier oil for optimal results. Direct use can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, so always do your research and don’t skip any steps when you upgrade to essential oils in your home.

Why Diffusing Is a Good Alternative

A nebulizing diffuser breaks down essential oils into microscopic particles that are easily absorbed by the human body, specifically through the nasal passages. Not only are the healing benefits inhaled directly into your bloodstream but the oils also begin working quickly to aid in healing from the inside out. Your headache will begin to recede, and your nausea will calm down. The diffuser will quietly spread the oil around the room, killing germs but leaving no residue behind.

AromaTech has nebulizing diffusers available for any size space, including models that you can attach to your HVAC system to spread antibacterial and antiviral properties throughout your home. Our wide selection of essential oils that provide first aid relief for your entire family includes special blends combining the healing properties of multiple essential oils for maximum benefits. The combination of eucalyptus and peppermint opens airways and reduces congestion for faster healing.

It’s never too late to add essential oils to your first aid arsenal and, with proper research and care, you and your family will be able to combat common ailments with deep breathing. As an added benefit, your home will always smell fresh and clean.

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