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Training Your Staff Makes Sense with these Scents

Training Your Staff Makes Sense with these Scents

Within your company, your machines and computers are your most important assets. Or are they? Granted, they cost a lot of money, but you can spread this investment over one or more years. Also, ask yourself whether a machine or a computer is difficult to replace. In general, when it's broken beyond repair, it has already served you well. In its stead, you get a newer model which offers more or improved functions. You're not the worse for it.

Perhaps you tell yourself that nothing is more vital to your company than money. Indeed, you need sufficient capital to start a new business, and as you invest the hard-earned funds, you know (and sincerely hope) that things will go well. At the same time, you keep in mind that mishaps may occur. You consider yourself wise for keeping a bit of reserve capital aside. Should the worst happen, you’ll be ready. Also, stories abound of successful entrepreneurs who found themselves on the brink of bankruptcy yet revitalized and reinvigorated their enterprise. If they can find ways to bounce back up, then so can you.

Your staff: your primary asset

While money and machines are essential for a business to thrive, the importance of people cannot be underestimated. After all, they're the ones with the necessary knowledge and competencies to do the work with your computers and machines. Investing both time and money in good personnel is therefore self-evident. Keep skilled staff connected with your company, and they are bound to stay with you for the rest of their career and prove themselves an invaluable asset.

Taking diligent care of your staff is about more than paying them at the end of the month. Research even demonstrates that a person's wage is a key factor for job satisfaction, but the impact is small. Culture and values, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, senior leadership, work-life balance, and business outlook matter more.

Consider these factors and take care of your staff. Think of small things too such as social talk when you're both at the coffee machine or during lunch break. Show empathy when they're going through a rough time, but also smile with them when they're happy about something. Make them feel that they are an added value to your company; also nourish their appetite for learning. The latter ensures effectiveness. For your company, training your people to more competent workers may make the difference in going with the flow or taking a competitive lead.

With which scents are you never too old to learn?

You understand the power of aroma and essential oils and have an AromaTech cold-air diffuser on both your work premises and in the office. You've learned that just a few tiny drops on a cotton pad make a dramatic difference. The effect was immediate, and you noticed measurable improvement of your personnel's focus and a boost in productivity. During busy periods, they were more resistant to stress and filled with confidence.

Now, you've organized in-company training for your people, and you're not sure if you should simply employ the same scents you regularly use? After all, a training day follows a different schedule.

Some smile at the early day while others wish they were still in bed

If your employees can enjoy flexible hours on most days at the job, on a course day, they're all expected in the training room at the same time. Mothers or fathers who've had to bring their children to school earlier or their toddlers to daycare may be yawning. Their usual rhythm has been disturbed, and they don't look forward to any brain twisters. As they sip a much-needed coffee, give their waking up some gentle help with grapefruit, lemon, orange, black pepper, coriander, and ginger. Citrus essential oils have uplifting and mood-promoting properties. Your staff will be grateful for that bit of energy to help them through the earliest part of the morning.

Wreaths of rosemary for memory

Let a quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet bring you the next suggestion: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance..." How did the author get this idea? This herb was considered sacred to ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. In those bygone times, Greek scholars wore wreaths of rosemary because they associated the herb with the goddess of memory, Mnemosyne. She slept with Zeus for nine consecutive nights and thus conceived the Muses.

The memory-boosting powers of rosemary will not only assist your staff in learning new things. At the same time, they will aid the teacher to remember what they're supposed to say. It works both ways.

A break in many ways

The routine on a day of training is different. Your staff must learn a lot in a short amount of time. To digest the knowledge gained, they may require an extra-long lunch break. While you may decide to use a different scent while they eat, you might also choose otherwise. The extended break will be good for all to clear their mind after an intensive learning session.

While on average days, your employees may not have much time and only allow themselves a quick sandwich, this time they may treat themselves to a sweet. They deserve a reward, but this holds a danger too.

No dip after a substantial lunch

After a demanding half day and a more substantial meal, in the afternoon, the chances increase of your trainees succumbing to a dip in energy. Be ready for this possibility and arm your cold-air diffuser with a whiff of Crushed Lime & Mint. This combination of mint, lime and jasmine should keep their attention keen for the last parts of the course. Instead of witnessing how they drag themselves to the end of the ordeal, you'll see them clear-spirited and happy because they realize how much they have learned.

With these scents, you can teach any old dog the newest tricks.

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