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Keeping your gym free of odors while inspiring those who train

Keeping your gym free of odors while inspiring those who train

A Sweet-Smelling Gym. How a Cold Air Scent Diffuser Can Inspire Your Clients and Build Loyalty

Though sight and sound play a significant part in business success, it’s the scent of a place that keeps people lingering in an establishment for hours. As every business is aware of, the longer a client is in their establishment, the likelihood is, they’ll make a purchase. Take Dunkin Donuts for example. They tested the power of scent by installing an atomizer with a coffee aroma to their outlet stores. Their sales increased by 29%. In a recent survey, when bars and restaurants started adding scents to their establishments, sales increased by 40%.

Gyms Can Benefit from a Custom Signature Scent

Gyms are no exception. Many businesses realize the importance of having a signature scent to increase the bottom line and get ahead of the competition. New research has shown that people are 100 times more likely to remember something they smell over everything else. So, while you plan the physical and auditory aesthetics of your gym, consider designing a signature scent of your own.

The first thing you want your gym to offer people is a sense of belonging, a welcoming atmosphere. You want to establish how your clients will feel when they enter your gym and hopefully, you want that feeling to keep them there for as long as possible.

Gyms are places where smell should be the main concern. Though it might be right to assume that clients are aware gyms bring out the most offensive of odors, the human response is a powerful thing. Offensive odors won’t inspire clients to focus on their goals and push themselves to attain them. Offensive odors won’t develop loyalty, familiarity, a positive sense of belonging and identity, things that are crucial to business success.

As a business, and especially a gym, designing and incorporating a signature scent that defines what your company offers and how you want your clients to feel is highly important.

A Cold Air Scent Diffuser is the Preferred Choice

In the world of room fragrances and air fresheners, there are so many choices out there. As a business, you don’t want to pick up something random. You must understand the importance of scent branding and how designing a custom scent can create specific feelings and memories that you want your clients to connect with your establishment. You’ll want to choose a scenting company that knows scent marketing and understands the importance of selecting a quality custom scent that clients will only associate with your business.

Aromatech, an ambient scent marketing company, assists companies in developing a unique scent that will create a positive and memorable atmosphere for their clients. We’ll craft a scent for you that will differentiate your brand from the rest. When clients think of your gym, they won’t think of an old gym that’s conveniently in their neighborhood. They’ll think about how happy and inspired they feel and want to feel when they’re at the gym. Soon they’ll share their thoughts with friends and family.

What makes AromaTech the preferred choice in commercial business scenting is our technology. We use a scent diffuser that disperses out cold filtered air in an ultra-dry mist. We can even attach our diffuser to your HVAC system, having it disperse out the scent with your air conditioner. The mist floats with the natural airflow and can cover thousands of square feet for many hours. The result is a scent that’s subtle, symphonic, and not overpowering.

Our cold air diffusers are designed to complement your business style. For hotels, retail stores, casinos, and especially the gym, we have a machine that will blend in perfectly. Our cold air diffusers come in standalone form for surface tops, or as a wall mount for an HVAC scenting solution, connecting with your air conditioner. You have full control of the scent intensity with our digital control panel, which includes a timer. So, when your gym closes for the day, you can lower the level of fragrance output.

Another reason our cold air scent diffusers preferable to conventional air fresheners is our focus on creating an eco-friendly sustainable product. There’s no question that when your client enquires about what you use to scent your gym, you can tell them about a product that is ethical, safe, and uses renewable resources not tested on animals. Even our packaging comes from recyclable materials—including our essential and aroma oils, which are pure, natural, eco and pet-friendly, and non-GMO.

You cannot say this about many conventional air fresheners on the market. Candles often are made from harmful ingredients, including the wax that emits toxins in the air as they burn. Ultrasonic diffusers, which use water, create humidity that can cause mold. Air sprays are often made with harmful artificial ingredients, as well as plug-ins and reed diffusers. Additionally, their scents usually last a short time and are heavy and overpowering. They only do the opposite, making your business smell sickly, not light and uplifting.

Our Generous Selection and Endless Possibilities

We have a wide selection of essential oils to choose from that can be customized to fit the personality, style, and feeling of your gym. Here are some examples.

  • To encourage activity:

Try Crushed Lime & Mint, a sharp blend of zesty lime and fresh mint leaves with balanced notes of pink jasmine, musk, mandarin blossoms and cedar leaves, creating a refreshing ambience one needs before their workout. When your clients walk in before daybreak, they’ll be ready to get moving, with no caffeine required.

  • To inspire confidence:

Try the Garden, a sparkling blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and hyacinth with white lilies. A summer feeling blend, no matter the season, the heaviness your clients are feeling will quickly disappear when they breathe in this relaxing and refreshing scent.

  • To recharge and renew:

Try Vanilla Bourbon, a blend of pure vanilla bourbon, lily, white flowers, and hints of musk. No sauna or hot tub is needed, as this scent will soothe the stress your clients’ workout has caused.

Together, we can create a signature scent that only your customers will associate with your brand.

In business since 2009, AromaTech is an e-commerce company that knows the importance of scent marketing for businesses, and we’ve worked with many across the globe. From Anytime Fitness and Lululemon to BMW and Apple, we’ve helped businesses develop a custom scent that represents only their brand. Contact us today to put your gym ahead of its competition by developing a signature scent that will not only inspire your clients to keep reaching for their fitness goals but remind them why they’ll keep coming back.

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