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The In's and Out's of Sensory Branding: get your business thriving.

The In's and Out's of Sensory Branding: get your business thriving.

The senses are the key to decision making. The things humans experience are stored away in the brain for later use in the form of memories. So, in advertising and creating your brand’s image, doesn’t it seem the most logical to appeal to the senses of potential customers? To store your brand’s positive image away in their memory bank, reignited every time those particular senses are triggered?

Sensory branding is the most crucial business decision you'll make. What emotions and memories do you want to invoke in clients that continually have them coming back for more? Sensory processing is one the important functions of the brain, alongside the abilities to store and retrieve information and memories. When these two processes merge, very important and influencing messages are sent from the brain about how one should think and act.

The smell of freshly baked bread reminds us of breakfast and mornings, and specifically of how delicious, soft and warm dough cures that initial wake-up hunger. Therefore, when one walks past a bakery those positive, intense and satisfying memories flood back and we step into that bakery to purchase the bread.

How can your brand serve to evoke such primal desires within the brain of potential clients? You need to find a way to speak to the human senses in ways that will always be directly attributed to your brand. Visual appeal has always been linked with positive marketing, but some of the biggest brands in the world have taken that step further with scent marketing, including McDonalds and Singapore Airline, with their distinct aromas.

Imagine the possibilities that great sensory branding can bring to the marketing of your business. Speaking to the senses of customers triggers memories within the brain, which in turn triggers the emotions associated with those memories. Emotional thought has consistently shown to overpower rational thought when it comes to purchasing. Not only will your brand ignite the reward center of the brain, but create new memories affiliated with those emotional connections that directly relate to your brand and image.

Perhaps the most important reason to incorporate sensory ties into the marketing of your brand, is for generating repeat business. When clients enjoy the experience, when positive memories encapsulating all of the senses can be stored in their brain, you have the ultimate continual marketing tool at your disposal without having to perform a whole lot of continual work. It appeals individually to consumers on personal levels that visual mass marketing just cannot, taking the buying experiences from monologue to a multi-modal dialogue.

Seduce your customers with a brand that ignites their senses, speaks to their emotions and keeps them reminiscing about you long after that 30-second television advertisement is over by continually sending messages to and from their subconscious mind. Sensory branding is the ultimate marketing tool that consistently continues to give long after the shopping or advertising experience is over. Give your business the ultimate appeal, with a sensory branding and image overhaul.

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