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How to Incorporate Scent into your Evening Routine

How to Incorporate Scent into your Evening Routine

Do you have a bedtime ritual? You’d be surprised by how many people do.

After long, busy days, it can be hard to wind down at night. An evening routine can help set the tone for rest and restoration. A relaxing tea, a technology hiatus, yoga, reading…there are so many things you can do to set yourself up for high quality sleep. 

Scent can play an essential role in evening routines, especially because soothing scents are capable of putting our minds and bodies at ease. Aromas have been used in rituals and self-care for centuries. With a nebulizing scent diffuser, night time scenting is now safer and easier than ever before.

Here are the top four calming nighttime scents to add to your diffuser before bedtime. These gentle, evocative scents will transform any space into a relaxing retreat.


Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a flower cultivated from the cananga tree, which fittingly blooms at night time. The warm, floral scent of the Ylang Ylang flowers has similar soothing effects to lavender, making it a great option for diffusing in the evening. This relaxing scent is part of our Fresh Air and White Tea & Bamboo scent blends.



This classic scent is comforting and sweet-smelling, perfect for diffusing in the bedroom to create a soothing ambiance. You can find it in our Vanilla Cedarwood Sage and Vanilla Bourbon scents.



Lavender is arguably the most effective scent for sleep, and is well known for its positive somniferous effects. You can find this subtle floral scent in our Lavender and Lavender Linen aroma oils.


Bergamot Orange

Bergamot is commonly known as one of the flavours in Earl Grey tea, and is derived from the rind of the bergamot orange. This light, citrusy scent is perfect for setting a relaxing tone in the evening, and can be found in our Bergamot Orange aroma oil.

Is it safe to leave a scent diffuser on at night?

Nebulizing scent diffusers are safe to leave on throughout the night when used with AromaTech aroma oils. This method takes the air from your room and transforms it into an ultra-dry micro mist – no heat required. This process also ensures that no foreign particles or dust interfere with the scent. AromaTech scents are also pet safe.

For a more subtle scenting experience, you should also set the timer on your diffuser to turn off 2-3 hours after you have drifted off to sleep. This can be done through the Scenting app for diffusers such as the Aromini BT. This will ensure that your space is lightly scented throughout the night.

Traditional diffusers, such as those that use tea lights, or ultrasonic diffusers that use water vapour, are not necessarily safe to leave on throughout the night because they will eventually burn through the water and oil, causing a hazard. This is why a cold air diffuser is the safest option when diffusing overnight.

So, before you head to bed this evening, why not fill your room with a soothing and safe scent? Learn more about cold air diffusion technology here.
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