Rich, warm and refined, our Vanilla Collection marries inspired scent notes of the moment with the comfort of enduring favorites. An indulgent collection perfect for every season.

The Vanilla

Unabashedly indulgent, The Vanilla embodies joie-de-vivre and playful excess. With appealing gourmand notes of sugared lemon, ginger, apple and peach, The Vanilla is light, effervescent and uplifting.

Key Notes: Peach, Marshmallow, Ginger, Crystallized Vanilla


Conjure the ambience of misty forests and the aroma of smoldering incense, with rich, woody notes of cinnamon, sandalwood and leather. An evocative scent to intoxicate and excite, Santal Vanilla is full of warmth and mystery.

Key notes: Cinnamon Leaf, Sandalwood, Leather, Vanilla Absolute


Opulent black vanilla combines with warm honey and dark cherry to create a deliciously rich fragrance with unparalleled depth. A timeless scent to inspire and intrigue.

Key notes: Jasmine, Bergamot, Dark Cherry, Black Vanilla

The Vanilla Collection Set

Warm, inviting and nostalgic, the Vanilla Collection comprises all three Vanilla scents, each with its own intriguing appeal.