Journeys Collection

Journeys Collection

Four portals to another world. Comprising Bora Bora Serenity, Alpine Summit, Amalfi Revelry and Redwood Nocturne, the Journeys Collection offers instant transport to a place you'd rather be.
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Four Portals to Another World

The Journeys Collection is a sensory remedy for wanderlust—instant transport to a place you’d rather be.

Journeys Collection Set

Our newest scent ensemble conjures four distant dreamscapes: an island oasis, an alpine clearing, a Mediterranean cliffside, and a grove of redwoods. The Journeys Collection is an aromatic cure for wanderlust.

Experience all four scents in the 10 ml Journeys Collection Discovery Set.


Soothing Frangipani and coconut

Mountain Air and Fir Needles

A marriage of citrus and mint

Grounding fir balsam and cedar