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Wow Your Guest List with Scenting for Special Occasions

Wow Your Guest List with Scenting for Special Occasions

By now we already know that scent and our sense of smell is amazing. Able to invite, invigorate, and energize, scent can create a functional ambiance to complement any mood and setting. The link between smell and memory is an unparalleled demonstration of our olfactory sense’s tremendous power. Able to differentiate between an astounding 1 trillion smells, its primitive classification refers only to it’s unique and unfiltered connection to the brain’s memory and emotion centers.

Consumer trends favor functional home scenting encouraging people to expand and diversify how aromas are used to complement their lives. As more high-quality aroma oils become available, niche applications -- such as scenting for special events and occasions – allow planners an opportunity to highlight the celebration with thematic aromatics.

The Link Between Scent, Memories & Behavior

The neurological connection to smell influences our decisions thus impacting our behavior. The ambient smell of any given event subconsciously imprints itself on the memory where it is stored as a reference point. When we’re exposed to a scent, our brains get to work scanning that Rolodex of memories searching for relevant reference points. When the presented smell links to a positive memory, we’re likely to feel pleasant emotions.

When the smell’s identified connection is to an unpleasant memory, we’re likely to feel negative emotions and are compelled to leave the situation. This reflexive reaction to smells is an evolutionary survival tactic. We only need smell sour milk once to identify it immediately in future products and subsequently reject its consumption. In effect, the smell triggered a memory that held information about how to behave when confronted with the aroma again.

A practical skill for avoiding potential harm, the sense of smell can also be used to solidify pleasant memories. It’s the times a trip to the bakery reminds you of weekends at grandma’s and movie nights eating her fresh-baked cookies. It’s the smile you get every time you smell your late loved one’s favorite perfume or fragrance. The scent nodes travel up through the olfactory bulb and trigger memories that unlock information about our personal histories.

Lasting Impressions & Cherished Memories Through Ambient Scenting

If you want your special occasion to have a lasting impression on your guests, skip the pictures and do what the pros do – tap into strategic scenting. Consider your occasion, your setting, your layout, and your guest list, then design a scent program tailored to your occasion. You may decide on a unique signature scent or a chorus of aromas strategically placed throughout your layout or timed to coincide with event activities.

When planning, account for setting and layout. Are you outside or inside? If inside, does everything take place in one room? These answers will dictate how and where you can utilize scent, whereas occasion type and your guest list’s tastes are best used for scent selection.

Scent selection is where the magic happens. You want something that stands out – solidifying the impression -- but matches and enhances the general mood of the occasion. Peppermint is excellent for opening the sinuses and awakening the senses but doesn’t pair well with a savory dinner setting.

When space is limited, rotating scents takes your guests on a journey. Welcome guests with a warm scent such as White Tea. Transition into something lively and invigorating (such as Pure Sunshine) during games, speeches, and activities. Pause your scent story to enjoy the natural aromas of your meal option, then complement desert time with the guest-of-honor’s favorite, Vanilla Bourbon.

Send them home happy and comfortable with a relaxing scent such as Bora Bora Serenity or Santal Night. 

Later, when your guests are met with similar fragrances, they’ll be reminded of your wonderful occasion. That’s better than any picture trapped in a phone, camera, or photobook.

Everything in Moderation

Choose a scenting strategy, stay focused, and follow through. It’s easy (and detrimental) to get overly excited by virtually endless possibilities. With scent, however, you’re likely to overwhelm the nose causing unpleasant confusion. Although our noses can distinguish smells with accuracy, our minds expect smells to align with other sensory information. Seeing fresh-baked cookies but smelling sawdust is incongruent. Incongruencies tend to make us uncomfortable and avoidant.

With smell, a little goes a long way. Not only do smells physically travel far, but it also doesn’t take much for your nose to detect and track an aroma. Avoid overpowering your guests and wasting your highly-concentrated aroma oils. Our top-quality cold-air diffusion systems perfectly – and soundlessly – distribute your occasion’s scenting strategy.

Occasion Scenting in Action

The AroMini is your occasion’s secret weapon. Sleek and free-standing, the AroMini and the AroMini BT (Bluetooth), can be used indoors and out, has remote control operation, and a front-loading scented oil compartment for easy access. Set the timer and modify scent intensity on the unit or from your smartphone. The AroMinis are lightweight, 120ml scented oil bottle requires no water dilution, and is suitable for spaces up to 1,000 sq. Ft.

Smells fuse with our memories and influence emotions. Take your strategic scenting to the next level with occasion scenting. Set the mood, influence energy, and make lasting impressions through the olfactory sense’s subconscious power.

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