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Why Scent Marketing Matters this Festive Season

Why Scent Marketing Matters this Festive Season

The holidays are upon us and stores are working hard to entice customers to buy more from them. Early and frequent sales and extended shopping hours are ways to lure shoppers inside to spend their hard-earned cash but keeping them in the store is a challenge with competitors striving for their piece of the pie. So, what’s a shop owner to do to increase sales this holiday season? Try scent marketing.

What is Scent Marketing?

When shoppers enter a store to make a purchase, they may or may not know what they want to purchase. In either case, keeping them in the store longer increases the chances that they will buy more items. Enticing them to stay longer and spend more is where scent marketing comes into play. If the store smells good, the customer is more inclined to stick around longer and purchase more items. Scent is associated with memories; customers will leave with the memory of the aroma related to your store, increasing the possibility of repeat business in addition to telling others of the enjoyable shopping experience they had. Using scent marketing to brand business is a tool used by many large companies to remind people of their products or services. Large hotels, chain stores, even airlines, use scent marketing as a branding tool ensuring customers remember their brand. Repeat business is the key to success for any size business. The use of scent marketing offers another avenue to entice shoppers to linger and buy more.

How to Incorporate Scent Marketing

The first step is to purchase a diffuser. AromaTech’s cold air diffusers disperse aroma oils throughout a space without adding additional humidity or noisy fans. AromaTech’s cold air diffusers discharge the aroma oil scent by turning the oil into a fine, dry mist that spreads throughout a space using only the air movement in the room. The larger diffusers can attach to HVAC systems to provide scent throughout a space. The AromaPro Nebulizing Diffuser covers 500 to 4,000 square feet, includes a programmable timer, is portable for convenient placement, and can be wall mounted and attached to the HVAC system. The AromaPro is available in black or white to fit any décor. For larger spaces, the Air Stream Single covers 1,000 to 7,000 square feet while the Air Stream Duo covers 3,000 to 15,000 square feet. Both connect directly to HVAC systems and need only an annual refill.

Selecting the Right Scent

Choosing the scent you want shoppers to associate with your store is a decision that requires some thought. Candle stores use the fragrance of their candles to entice shoppers to enter, linger and make purchases. The perfume counter in the department store does the same. Bakeries have the aroma of fresh baked bread and cookies to encourage buyers. A dress shop or shoe store usually smell like fabrics and dyes and shoes. A shopper passing by will be more inclined to step inside if they smell something enticing. =

Stress Relief

Harried shoppers tend to pass over otherwise tempting alternatives for their gift giving. Your tchotchke shop will be a haven with the stress-relieving benefits of florals and herbs of Stress Relief. Shoppers will inhale the aroma of lavender and rosemary, slowing their pace and clearing their minds. They will peruse items with a sharper eye, leading to more sales. White Tea & Bamboo with the addition of lavender soothes overwhelmed minds, reinvigorating them. Oriental Rain Aroma Oil elicits exotic feelings, relaxing and refreshing the senses. Providing a welcoming and calming environment will make your shop feel like a floral filled sanctuary.

Coffee – Everyone’s Favorite

Bookstores smell great if you love the smell of books. Chain bookstores often contain a coffee bar. The scent of coffee permeates the store disguising the smell of books. Smaller, local bookstores, as well as antique stores, could use a little freshening to enable shoppers to linger longer amongst the shelves and antiques. Crushed Lime & Mint Aroma Oil will chase away musty odors associated with stacks of books, both refreshing and relaxing shoppers. 

Office spaces can benefit significantly from scent marketing around the holidays and all year long. Amalfi Reverly Aroma Oil, with the scents of tropical flowers and fruits, will clear the air and make staff and guests feel as if they are on a tropical island. Greeting business customers with the luxurious scent of Noir Aroma Oil is a great way ensure they remember your office and the bold, clean scent.

Custom Scents

AromaTech has the right scent for your business and provides custom scenting for a more memorable brand. Working with customers to create a signature scent means they receive a fragrance that sets them apart from the competition. Customers will remember your business as unique, and you will be their first stop the next time they shop.

Besides sales and extended shopping hours, scent marketing is another strategy for a successful holiday season. Luring customers in with scent, providing a stress-free environment, and inducing a positive memory can increase sales at the holidays and year-round. Providing an invigorating environment for staff is equally important when dealing with short-tempered shoppers. Installing an AromaTech cold air diffuser and the desired scent will benefit everyone on your business, ensuring a positive return.

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