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What to Do If You Forget to Refill Your AromaTech Home Diffuser

What to Do If You Forget to Refill Your AromaTech Home Diffuser

If you’re like many people, you lead a busy life with a daily schedule packed with things to do and just as many things to remember. It’s easy to let the small things slip by accident, including forgetting to refill your AromaTech cold air diffuser. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to ruin your day, as getting a new refill is a breeze. Here’s how you can make the best of this unfortunate situation.

When you get in the habit of regular scenting, it makes sense that you get used to having a particular routine. Given the fact that certain scents can help improve concentration, promote relaxation and help lift your overall mood, you may feel at a loss once a trusted scent is no longer present in your home or work space. This is no cause for panic, however. First, you’ll want to check your diffuser for any blockages that could be preventing the scent from dispersing effectively. If your inspection reveals that the bottle is empty, you’ll know that it’s time to order more. On the other hand, if you suspect your device is clogged, you should refer to your product’s manual for helpful tips to address the most likely causes, such as oil buildup, or contact AromaTech support for more information.

Before you receive your new oil refill, there are other ways you can get a quick pick-me-up scent fix while you tide yourself over. While there is no replacement for the state-of-the-art nebulizing scent technology that an AromaTech diffuser can provide, having an emergency supply of go-to scents for improving your mood or atmosphere is always a clever idea. Here are some helpful scents you likely already have around the home:

  • Orange: Got a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table? Then you probably already have an assortment of citrus scents available that can improve your mood and energy levels.
  • Cinnamon: No kitchen pantry is complete without this much-loved and versatile spice. A small dash is all you need to enjoy the energizing effects of this particular scent.
  • Peppermint: This common flavoring added to chewing gum or candies has a relaxing scent that soothes a tired mind and aching muscles.
  • Lavender: Many bath and personal spa products feature this deeply calming scent that allows you to pamper yourself and unwind
  • Sandalwood: A staple of men’s shaving creams, sandalwood has a fresh scent that invigorates and helps you feel ready for the day.
  • Fresh Cut Grass: This one may seem odd, but many people feel happier when they take a whiff of fresh cut grass, perhaps because this scent is so closely tied to childhood memories of playing outdoors.

Need some more inspiration for happiness-inducing scents? Here are some other options to explore that can help keep you smiling when you unexpectedly run out of your favorite mood-lifting oil.

Armed with your emergency scent stash, you’ll be able to carry on to the next logical task, which is to order your AromaTech diffuser oil refill, of course! With so many scents available—including a wide array of unique aroma oils for every mood and situation—you’re sure to find your favorite aroma or a replacement that will give you the opportunity to explore a new scenting experience. Each scent is made from premium quality essential oils so that you’re diffusing only the cleanest, purest essential oils in your home, work or anywhere else you choose.

After you place your order, you’ll never have to wait long for your AromaTech refill oil to arrive. All our orders are processed and shipped within a day so they can reach you as quickly as possible from our centrally located shipping and distribution center located in Phoenix, AZ. This means that most orders placed before 2 PM MST will go out the same day and that most orders will reach our U.S.-based customers within one to six business days. Each order also comes with a tracking number that you can enter on our site for accurate, up-to-date information on your shipment’s status.

Once you receive your order, refilling your AromaTech diffuser or scenting machine is easy and hassle-free. You’ll never have to dilute the oil with water or carriers before use or worry about cleaning any leftover residue, although you can clean your diffuser from time to time with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to prevent clogs and other issues (please refer to your diffuser’s manual for more instructions specific to your particular model).

To help make sure you never miss out on your favorite scents or have to remember to order more, consider signing up for our Subscription Scenting as well. This is the best way you can continue to experience the benefits of aromatherapy in your home, such as improved sleep and better focus, without ever having to worry about forgetting to refill your AromaTech cold-air nebulizer. All you have to do is let us know what kind of oil you’d like, and how often you would prefer us to ship it to you, and we’ll take care of the rest. Not only will you always have your favorite scent on hand, but you will also save 15% on each order, and you’ll never have to sign a contract so that you can cancel your subscription at any time. Click here to learn more about Subscription Scenting and Rewards Program.

AromaTech makes it easy to create a soothing home or work environment that you’ll look forward to entering every time. With the help of our Subscription Scenting and speedy shipping, you’ll never have to miss out on the many benefits our 100 percent pure essential oils can provide. So, the next time you find yourself out of your go-to refill oil, don’t fret. Simply browse our online store and choose to ‘Subscribe’ during checkout and you’ll be sure to get more of the scents you love without ever having to lift a finger in the future. That’s one more thing you can remove off your to-do list, and an excellent reason to take a deep, relaxing breath of beautifully-scented air in the comfort of your own home.

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