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Upgrading Your Diffuser

Upgrading Your Diffuser

If you’re just getting started with home scenting, or if you’ve been using them for years but have never really taken the time to get to know your diffuser and what it can do, now’s the time to step up your diffuser game. 

A few essential upgrades can make your diffuser much more effective in making your home smell pleasant and helping you relax. 

Traditional Diffusers

If you’re just getting started with diffusing scents, or you want a pleasant and straightforward diffuser that won’t break your bank, traditional diffusers are perfect for you. 

They have an average of 20-30 different scent options (classic scents like lavender, peppermint, chamomile, etc.) and are easy to fill with water. 

Some models come with extra features such as built-in timers. It turns off automatically when you choose a time setting, candle mode, which allows you to create ambient lighting. The sleek design will enable them to fit into almost any room decor. 

These types of diffusers are great for people just beginning their journey and who still may be unsure about all the possible benefits they can gain from using oils daily.

When to Look for a New Diffuser

If you’ve been using your diffuser for a while, it may be time to upgrade. An older diffuser model may not work as well as you expect, causing it to break down more quickly or emit an unpleasant smell. Here are a few other telltale signs that it might be time for a new diffuser:

•  The unit is difficult to clean or maintain: old diffusers may not be as user-friendly, leading you to avoid washing them regularly. As a result, they’ll lose their effectiveness and emit an unpleasant smell that bugs everyone in your home.

• You’re looking for more features: older diffusers are usually one-trick ponies, offering a way that might not fit your specific needs. If you need more options or want a unit with multiple settings and functions, it might be time to upgrade. 

• A newer version has been released: technology is constantly changing and improving-and so are diffusers! More recent models offer additional benefits like advanced feature sets and customizable settings. If you’ve used your current model for years without any significant issues, it may still be time to upgrade if a newer version offers something you can’t live without.

Technological Advancements in Diffusion

Today’s diffusers are no longer just decorative. They’re high-tech devices that utilize ultrasonic technology, breaking scents into tiny microparticles that disperse throughout a room and help create a healing environment. 

Many people use their diffusers for more than scent diffusion. The warmth and moisture of these units can boost mood, improve sleep quality, and open airways in those who suffer from asthma or allergies by preventing histamines from irritating lung tissues as they would when diluted with air alone. Hence, making them a practical option for creating breathing space in a home or office environment.

Benefits of Nebulizing Diffuser

Nebulizing diffusers break down your oils into smaller microparticles that release their healing properties faster than traditional diffusers. Best of all, there are no harmful chemicals in nebulizing diffusers! 

The improved diffusion occurs because particles released from a nebulizer are smaller and many times greater in number than those found in non-nebulizing diffusers. 

Single Room Scenting and Whole Home Scenting

Some diffusers are designed for single room scenting, while others can be used in different rooms. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a multi-room model that can deliver therapeutic benefits throughout your entire home or office building. 

If you’re only looking for targeted relief of certain ailments, a model with specific settings will suit your needs just fine. The key is finding a unit that works with your lifestyle and provides precisely what you need-smells great and offers excellent benefits!

If you’re only going to own one diffuser, we recommend a smaller unit that’s easy to move around. This is perfect for single room scenting (bedrooms and bathrooms) or a toilet that opens up into other spaces (like a powder room). Our AroMini BT is just ideal for that, it’s designed to suit spaces of all sizes and allows unrivaled user control to adjust fragrance intensity as required. 

For whole home scenting, look for bigger units with larger water tanks. Make sure your location allows for it! Some places have rules against open flames-not to mention scented candles-so make sure your choice of diffuser complies with those restrictions.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

A personal diffuser is excellent for small spaces but goes with an ultrasonic diffuser if you want to cover a larger area. Ultrasonic diffusers have larger water tanks with a more powerful motor than their counterpart, giving them a longer run time. We suggest the AromaPro, a silent but powerful scenting device that provides the ultimate scenting solution for maximum therapeutic and ambient benefits. 

They also have better mist diffusion systems that produce fine mists that get into your home’s finer details. Some models have timers, so they automatically shut off after an hour or two of diffusion. With our diffusers, you can experience the best in scent diffusion. They operate using nebulizing cold-air technology. Our state-of-the-art scent diffusers are designed to elevate your space.

We have Bluetooth diffusers and even diffusers for your car!

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