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Meet our scents of the holidays: four classic festive home fragrances, reinterpreted for refined sensibilities. Each rises above traditional one-note scents with unexpected pairings and a sophisticated, layered composition.

Designed to enhance the season’s festive mood, this collection brings a sense of indulgence to winter entertaining and peaceful days at home.

Noble Fir

Inspired by the fresh scent of cut evergreens, Noble Fir sets a calm mood for short days and cozy nights. Nostalgic yet refined, this fragrance blends woody and aromatic notes with unexpected hints of sandalwood, oak moss and black currant.

Key Notes: Douglas Fir, Black Currant, Cypress


Built around the scent of burning guaiac wood, this fragrance recreates the feeling of sitting in front of a crackling fire. We added gourmand notes like vanilla, caramel and hazelnut to reinforce the sense of warmth. Finally, jasmine and patchouli bring added dimension.

Key Notes: Woodsmoke, Roasted Hazelnut, Vanilla 

Spiced Gingerbread 

Spiced Gingerbread brings the delicious aroma of holiday baking into your home. To elevate the scent above pure nostalgia, our fragrance experts layered in hints of citrus and curated spice notes: ginger, cinnamon, star anise and a whisper of black pepper.

Key Notes: Star Anise, Warm Honey, Vanilla Caramel 

Toasted Orange & Oakwood

Oranges spiked with cloves have been a fragrant addition to festive decor for centuries. Our version opens with notes of warm orange, cinnamon and clove before deepening in complexity with tobacco and osmanthus flower. A base of tonka bean, amber and oakwood adds an undercurrent of indulgence and luxury.

Key Notes: Spiced Orange, Cranberry, Oakwood

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