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Ingredients up close: Love Affair and White Tea & Thyme

Ingredients up close: Love Affair and White Tea & Thyme

The right scent at the right time can energise, soothe or inspire focus. Our fragrances are built from pure and sustainably sourced essential oils, arranged to reconfigure spaces and moods through aroma.

This series takes a closer look at the ingredients that make up some of our bestselling fragrances—in this instalment, Love Affair and White Tea & Thyme

Love Affair: the elegance of equilibrium

The adage ‘opposites attract’ translated as scent, Love Affair blends light, diffusive top notes with a rich and intense base—a magnetic dance between contrasts.

The fragrance opens with refreshing jasmine, derived from the small night-blooming flowers beloved for their exotic perfume. Jasmine is believed to have aphrodisiac properties, and some research indicates that it may have mood-enhancing benefits, too, with one 2013 study reporting that participants experienced increased energy levels and a more positive mindset after inhaling jasmine oil. In Love Affair, jasmine is complemented by saffron, which delivers a sweet earthiness.

These airy, clear opening notes are in exquisite balance with decadent heart and base. Ambergris gives the fragrance a heady musk while offering definition to the florals; and the warm cedarwood base brings a pleasant fullness to the aromatic profile.

Bold, sensuous and elegant, Love Affair is a versatile, year-round fragrance—a study in opposing forces.

White Tea & Thyme: An invitation to unwind

White Tea & Thyme could be considered a sibling fragrance to The Hotel. Though their scent profiles are quite different, they both evoke a similar sense of calm. Where The Hotel blends invigorating citrus notes with florals, however, White Tea & Thyme is distinguished by its green and resinous accords, inviting a cleansing deep breath—the evening wind-down to The Hotel’s gentle wake-up call.

The romance and sweetness of jasmine is lent a warm, woody depth when complemented by thyme. This medicinal herb has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and to strengthen the immune system; in some cultures, it is also believed to protect against nightmares.

The verdant top notes descend into cedarwood, resinous amber and white tea, yielding a rounded aroma that instantly stills busy minds. Ideal for home and professional settings alike—or anywhere else you’d like to create a subtly soothing atmosphere.

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