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How to Make a Lasting Impression on a First Date

How to Make a Lasting Impression on a First Date

You have a first date scheduled with someone who might just turn out to be that special person – whether for a while or for keeps. The first date is too soon to tell how things will end up, of course, but you want to give yourself the best odds of making a good impression just in case they turn out to be as interesting, smart and attractive after an evening out together as they seem now. There are lots of ways to make a lasting impression on a first date, from the way you look and what you say to where you go and even how you smell. Scent is a powerful emotional trigger, so use it to your advantage when doing your best to impress someone special. Here are some ways to use all of your abilities – including scent – to make a great impression on your next first date.

Make eye contact

Maintaining eye contact, especially when you’re doing the talking, is easier said than done. It does get easier as you go on more dates, but it’s essential to master this skill to exude confidence and openness. When they’re the one doing the talking, pay close attention, maintaining eye contact most of the time. You can look at their other facial features as long as you always come back to their eyes relatively quickly. No matter what, don’t even think about looking down at your phone while your date is talking. Even if a server comes to the table, let your date finish talking before you shift your focus. By looking your date in the eye, you’ll stroke their ego and make them feel that you really care what they’re saying – always a good thing.

Plan something fun

It’s fine to sit down together over coffee or drinks to get to know each other a little, but have a plan just in case your date doesn’t. Dinner is a classic first date, but it has its drawbacks. When you sit down to dinner with someone you don’t know very well, you’re setting yourself up for potentially awkward small talk where you’re basically just guessing at topics, and may end up having trouble keeping the conversational momentum going. That’s why it makes more sense – at least on the first date – to have something active planned. Whether you go for a walk in the park, visit a museum, play mini-golf or go bowling, you’ll have something else to focus on. You’ll also get to see each other be spontaneous and avoid awkward silences because the activity at hand will hold your attention and automatically give you something in common.

Maintain some mystery

There’s no need to tell your entire life story on a first date, and in fact, this could be a turn-off. If you reveal everything now, you’ll rob your date of the excitement of getting to know a new person. Instead of focusing on the broad generalities of your life, focus on a few specific things. For example, if they ask you about the places you’ve travelled to and you’ve been all over the world, don’t just tick off a list of destinations; focus on one and describe your experience there in detail. Be a little coy and tell them that you haven’t been everywhere you want to go yet – then ask where they’ve been. You’ll show interest in them and also give yourself the opportunity to surprise them on later dates by bringing up other places you’ve visited.

Be polite

This may sound obvious, but too many people seem to forget basic manners when they’re nervous or too uncomfortable. Be sure to say thank you – if your date picks you up, say thank you; if they open a door for you, say thank you. At the end of the evening, thank your date for dinner or for an awesome evening. This very simple step shows that you’re grateful for their time and thoughtfulness and that you don’t take their kindness for granted. Show appreciation and be polite. While you’re at it, show appreciation and politeness to everyone around you including your waiters, and the people working at any attractions you visit, so that your gratitude toward your date doesn’t seem fake.

Be positive

Nobody wants to make another date with a downer! A smile makes you much more attractive and laughing together helps make your first date much more memorable. Also, keep your drama at home and avoid making negative comments or showing frustration at minor things that go wrong during the date. Whatever you do, don’t bash your ex – it may leave your date wondering what you’ll say about them behind their back later. Even if you’ve had a really bad day at work, a first date isn’t the time to bring it up. Keep this first meeting light and positive to keep them wanting more.

Scent matters

As mentioned earlier, it is worth paying attention to the fragrances in your environment. Go ahead and wear perfume if you like but keep it super light and subtle – too much is a definite turn-off for most people. You can also scent your environment using essential and aroma oils specifically chosen to set the mood. If you’re picking your date up or if you might ride together from one place to the next in your car, have a Drive essential oil diffuser in place to make the ride much more pleasant and relaxing for both of you.

Should things go well enough for your date to end up at your house, the last thing you want is to arrive home to unwanted odors – instead, create the right ambiance with an AromaTech home diffuser such as the silent and stylish AroMini. Choose from our huge collection of scents to find the perfect first-date blend – something romantic such as Embrace, a sensual blend of cedar wood, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and lavender. This aroma blend is light, soothing, relaxing, and a little sensual – just right for setting the mood for your date.

Make a lasting impression on your date with these tips – and then look forward to your second date!

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