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How Scent Can Improve Your Sales

How Scent Can Improve Your Sales

How Scent Can Improve Your Sales

Have you ever thought about how your store smells? Or how the aroma impacts your sales?

Scents have a profound impact on people, though it often goes unnoticed — unless the scent is horrible. And while shop owners obviously know to remove undesirable smells, they might not think about adding desirable ones.

However, the scent in a store is as much a part of the customer’s experience as what they see and how they are treated.

For example, movie theaters and the delightful scent of buttery popcorn or coffee shops and the heavenly aroma of roasting coffee. Customers are more likely to stay and spend money because of their experience and these scents are a large part of that experience.

Scent Marketing Science

The human nose is astonishing. While the human eye can see a few million different colors, the human nose can distinguish more than 1 trillion different smells! Furthermore, smells are so powerful they can instantly transport us back to long-forgotten moments in the past.

Have you ever noticed that a particular smell can evoke a childhood memory? Or stir a craving?

This happens because scents are closely related in the brain to memory. This phenomenon probably occurs because of our hunter-gatherer roots.

Marketers should also understand that the context is important. What the person sees and hears when smelling a certain scent also influences their reaction.

Why Do Scents Work for Retailers?

When customers enter a pleasant-smelling store, they are obviously going to be more willing to spend time there. Furthermore, customers that enjoy how your store smells are more likely to have a positive experience and more likely to return.

In other words, a pleasant scent adds to the customer experience, solidifies your brand in their minds, and boosts customer loyalty.

Using Scent to Increase Your Sales

However, the wrong scent can have a just as powerful negative effect. It’s important to choose light scents that most people will enjoy. Strong, heavy scents may only appeal to a certain few customers.

Your target audience is also important to keep in mind. A “feminine” scent in a women’s clothing store is perfect but may have the opposite effect in a men’s clothing store.

Seasonal scents can be great for a wider audience. For example, cinnamon or peppermint scents around Christmas or gentle floral scents in the spring.

Remember, strong scents can easily be overwhelming. The brain processes scents on a subconscious level first, meaning a subtle scent will still have a big impact.

Getting Started with Scent Marketing

Ready to reap the benefits of happy, relaxed customers? How do you give your store the perfect scent to make your customers happy?

An easy way to start is with an aroma oil diffuser such as the AirStream Single HVAC diffuser from AromaTech. This diffuser can subtly scent a 1,000 - 7,000 ft space for a year before needing a refill.

Plus, we offer a wide variety of scents for you to choose from. We have delightful scents including Vanilla Bourbon, Oriental Garden, Holiday Spice, Hawaiin Tropic, Lavender Linen, and so many more!

Delight your customers in unexpected ways with scent marketing in your store. We make it easy to get started today!

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