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Hotels Using Fragrance to Create a Lasting Impression

Hotels Using Fragrance to Create a Lasting Impression

When choosing a hotel for your accommodation and travels, many different things can come into consideration. One of the most important is probably the convenience of the hotel’s location, among other things like what is nearby the hotel, the price per night, customer ratings and reviews, and the amenities offered.

Many people choose a hotel that is near the places they will be visiting or things they will be doing such as near concert venues, museums, and theaters, or convention centers. Most of your time will probably not be spent at the hotel itself, but some things are still important so that you can enjoy the quality refueling time you deserve before a day full of events or when on a work trip.

Is the cleanliness and aroma in the hotel something you find higher on the list of importance? Many would say yes – a smelly (i.e. cigarette smoke or the smell of the last guest’s overbearing body spray) hotel room could make your stay extremely unpleasant, just as a dirty or dusty room would lead you to choose a different place to stay in the future. A factor that most people find important is being able to relax in their hotel and feel as if they are getting away for a little while, even if they are traveling for business.

Some may find it hard to get sufficient sleep when they are away from home. Hotels try to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible by providing things like complimentary breakfasts, spacious bathtubs, or Jacuzzi tubs in your room, 24-hour room service, and even fragrances put into the air, linens, and room.

Fragrance diffusers are how many hotels are stepping up their game and standing out from the local competition. Certain fragrances can lead people to feel more at ease and relaxed and also lead to a better night’s sleep. Other smells diffused into the air can energize a guest and make them feel productive.

Hotels use fragrances to make an impression on guests that lasts long after they leave, hoping to draw them back in for future trips. Hotels are now even creating custom scents as a way of branding themselves. It is thought that a guest will be twice as likely to remember a fragrance long before something visual about their room or something they heard while in the hotel.

Why not use custom scents and fragrance diffusers to ensure leaving a print on your guest’s memory and encourage them to come back next time they are in town?

From simple fragrance diffusers to scented business cards, candles, linen sprays, towels, and more, hotels can carefully choose how to customize their scent and where their distinct scent will be featured. It has become just like selecting a logo in many ways – a lot goes into a logo, and a lot goes into creating and executing a particular fragrance to make a lasting impression.

Next time you’re staying at a higher-end hotel, notice the fragrance and how it makes you feel. Does it remind you of your childhood at all? Does it relax you or uplift you? Notice if the linens and towels also have that same scent "branding" - a particular smell to your memory of that hotel. When hotels get it right, guests often fall in love with the entire experience, but customized fragrance could be giving some hotels an upper hand in comparison to others.

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