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Concentrate and Get Things Done With These Five Delicious Scents

Concentrate and Get Things Done With These Five Delicious Scents

Concentrate and Get Things Done With These Five Delicious Scents

If you are looking for a natural, delicious-smelling way to boost your concentration, then we have five essential oils to recommend. All these oils are available by themselves on in oil mixes which work with our diffusers to make your favorite oils easy to use anywhere in your house or office. Our smaller diffusers, such as the AromaCube and the SB-600 BT Scent Diffuser, are an ideal fit for smaller spaces, from your personal office to your bedside table or art studio.

The Scents and What They Do

Here are five of our favorite essential oils to help with concentration and maintaining prolonged focus.

Peppermint: We always mention peppermint in conjunction with scents for boosting concentration. Peppermint can help with focus, boost your energy, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and nerves, and stimulate your brain function. It may also help you wake up in the mornings when you are struggling to get going.

Users report additional benefits of reduced headache pain, muscle pain relief, and joint pain alleviation. With anti-inflammatory and invigorating properties, peppermint oil can give you a daily boost to help you push through tough work or get your day started on the right note. Try our peppermint essential oil in our AromaCube diffuser for a kick-start.

Lavender: This stunning scent may be the stepping stone that you need to achieve fantastic focus. This oil is amazing for anyone who needs a reliable, calming scent that still delivers a concentration boost. People from all walks of life have been using this oil for years to calm nerves and get better sleep. By diffusing this oil to relax, you can clear your mind, making it easier to focus and maintain concentration while boosting your stamina to keep you going throughout the day. Lavender may even increase your memory and make you feel more alert.

Our Lavender Vanilla essential oil mix contains geranium, maple leaves, and, of course, lavender, all paired with the scrumptious scent of vanilla.

Rosemary: We’ve used rosemary oil for years to help address memory loss due to its ability to stimulate the mind. Rosemary can create an uplifting feeling which can improve brain performance, boost your mood, and even help to relieve pain. Rosemary essential oils can stimulate hair growth and help to repel some bugs such as mosquitos and ticks.

Our Mint Motion essential oil is a spectacular mix of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary oil, all of which are known for their concentration-boosting benefits.

Sage: Sage is another oil that may help with memory and concentration. There are hundreds of other benefits, including antifungal properties which explain why this oil is often part of skin care products. You can seek out sage for its anti-inflammatory properties for inflammation connected to illnesses or some skin issues—this oil may even help to offset the effects of eating salty and spicy foods by reducing inflammation in your stomach and intestines.

Basil: This essential oil helps to boost your brain with its neuro-regulation abilities, which is why it may be helpful as a part of a daily routine for people experiencing disorders related to the nervous system. If you have a hard time with stress and anxiety that negatively affect your productivity and concentration, then basil may help to reduce your symptoms. Using basil essential oil is an excellent way to help your brain relax and stay focused on the work that you need to accomplish each day.

Enjoy a brain boost and a jolt to your overall productivity and concentration with a few key essential oils and finally get going on that project you’ve been putting off for far too long.

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