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Transform Your Home into a 5-Star Hotel with These Luxurious Scents

Fragrances affect us on a subliminal level and can transport us to different times and places with their unique ability to trigger both memories and emotions. If you’d like to enjoy a staycation at home but have the feel of staying at a world-class hotel, these luxurious scents are the way to go. When combined with one of our state-of-the-art diffusers, you’ll be ready to indulge your senses and pamper yourself like never before.

How the Finest Natural Ingredients Create a Luxurious Experience

Some smells naturally remind us of opulence or prestige. Many of these we associate with rare or exotic natural ingredients that in times past would only have been available for royalty, such as rose oil or oud. Others simply have such a full-bodied or pleasing scent that they have proven to be irresistible for centuries, such as jasmine or cedar. Whatever the choice ingredient may be, its ability to create a luxurious atmosphere depends entirely on its purity and the preservation of its delicate olfactory components.

The Cold Secret Behind the Best Luxurious Scents

Natural oils are fragile, especially once they have been expressed from the living plant. They are especially volatile when exposed to heat, which can damage the chemical components that create the scent in the first place. That’s why all Aromatech’s signature scents and aroma oil blends are cold-pressed from the start, and why our diffusers use sophisticated cold-air nebulizing technology to preserve the subtle tones of each oil.

For the most luxurious at-home scenting experience, it simply makes good sense to pair these 100 percent pure oils with the innovative machines built to distribute them in their most natural and pleasing form. There’s simply no better way to treat yourself to the very best when you want to feel like royalty in your own home.