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Using Aroma Oils for Anxiety and Depression

Using Aroma Oils for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can be seriously debilitating illnesses. Both conditions are more common than many people realize, but thanks to greater public awareness of the symptoms of depression and anxiety, it is now easier to get treatment. The good news is that although serious depression and anxiety require professional help, you can use scented aroma oils to lift your mood and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.

Choosing the Right Scented Oil

There are many scented essential oils available, so it may be hard to choose just one. The important thing is to use an oil you like the scent of, as this is supposed to be a positive experience. We are all drawn to particular scents, so you will find that you prefer one scent to another. Since there are several different scents you can try if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, there is bound to be at least one you love.

How to Use Aroma Oils

There are many ways to use aromatherapy oils to treat anxiety and depression. Many people find that adding a few drops of scented oil to a hot oil diffuser is a simple way of creating a relaxing and mood boosting environment at home or work. Use scented oil in the bedroom to relax you and promote a sense of relaxation before you go to bed, or light a scented oil candle in your office if you are feeling anxious about a forthcoming presentation or meeting.

Scented oils can also be added to bath water. Relaxing in a hot bath is an excellent way to sooth the mind and body after a tough day. After 30 minutes or so soaking in a scented bath, you will feel much more at one with yourself and the world.

Different Oils for Depression and Anxiety

  • Jasmine is a flowery scent. Jasmine scented oil has many properties, but it is particularly useful for anyone suffering from a low mood. Use jasmine scented oil if you are feeling depressed. It also has antiseptic properties and will give your immune system a boost.
  • Lavender oil is famous for its relaxation qualities. Use a few drops of lavender oil to promote relaxation and make it easier for you to sleep. You can also use lavender oil in your bath, or add it to massage oil for a soothing aromatherapy massage. Massage is an excellent natural therapy for depression and anxiety, so give it a try.
  • Patchouli is a natural remedy for depression and stress. You can add a few drops of patchouli oil to your bath if you have had a bad day. It will help to lift your mood and relax you before bedtime.
  • Citrus scented oils are a powerful natural treatment for mild depression and anxiety. Orange, mandarin and lemon oils are uplifting and refreshing, which should give you a mood boost and combat any negative emotions you have.

Aroma oils can offer relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety, but they should never be used in place of prescribed medication from your physician.

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