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Using Aroma Oils for a Festive New Year’s Eve

Using Aroma Oils for a Festive New Year’s Eve

Now that the presents have been unwrapped and the leftovers have been eaten, it’s time to start thinking about the approaching new year. New Year’s Eve celebrations bring family and friends together to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year with promises of better things. Creating an inviting environment for guests means eliminating the odors of the holiday and generating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Aroma oils combined with a cold air diffuser offer an easy way to create a relaxing environment for celebration.

After the hustle and bustle of parties, shopping, cooking and baking leading up to the holidays, everyone is ready for a respite from the chaos. Adding a cold air diffuser to dissipate the lingering odors of tired pine trees and feast preparations provides a fresh foundation for New Year’s Eve festivities. Start by adding an AromaTech cold air diffuser to a room. Cold air diffusers don’t use heat or fans to disperse essential oils. Instead, they turn the essential and aroma oils into a fine, dry mist that flows throughout the room using only air movement. The lack of heat keeps the humidity the same, and no fans equal a quiet experience.

Diffusers for Every Space

An AromaCube™ placed in a bathroom will ensure unpleasant odors don’t seep into your party space. Using the Pure Sunshine Aroma oil will greet your guests with the feeling of sunshine on this cold winter’s night. For a more luxurious bathroom experience, use the Oriental Garden Aroma oil. Your guests will feel as if they’ve stepped through a doorway to an exotic place and the aroma will keep this frequently used room smelling fresh.

For medium-sized rooms such as guest rooms, the AroMini™ works perfectly providing a scent that leaves your guests feeling refreshed. The peaceful, relaxing aroma of lavender in the Serenity Essential Oil blend offers guests a place to unwind and relax before the evening’s festivities. The White Tea & Bamboo Aroma Oil will soothe and invigorate a tired mind.

Large rooms benefit from the AromaPro to diffuse aroma oils throughout a family room or great room. With the ability to connect directly to an HVAC system, you are assured your chosen scent will permeate every room of the house. For a hotel-like feeling, The Hotel Aroma oil will have your guests feeling like they’re in a five-star hotel. The Vanilla Bourbon Aroma Oil creates a warm and rustic ambiance welcoming your guests with its creamy yet musky scent.

For those not yet ready to put away the holiday vibe, Pumpkin Spice Aroma Oil will have your guests believing you spent the entire day baking for the party. If your tree is looking a little tired, the Winter Pine Aroma Oil won’t perk it up, but it will enhance its scent, making it seem fresh and new. The tangy scent of Cinnamon Aroma Oil creates a warm yet invigorating feeling to keep the party going until well beyond midnight.

Positive Effects of Aroma Oils

Along with the New Year’s Eve celebrations come the dreaded resolutions. Everyone has at least one, and that one usually has something to do with a healthier lifestyle – eating better and exercising more. Diffusing a stimulating scent throughout your home will encourage better habits. Pure Energy Aroma Oil will help you get up and out the door for a walk around the block or a trip to the gym. Happy Essential Oil will keep your thoughts positive as you embark on the path to wellness. Energizing Essential Oil will inspire you to do two laps around the block.

Adding a cold air diffuser and aroma oils ensure you, and your guests have a relaxing yet festive New Year’s Eve celebration. Providing an invisible layer of scent tells your guests you have thought of every detail to ensure a great time for all in attendance. Deciding which scent to diffuse is up to you and your preferences. AromaTech has many options available to provide you with the perfect scent for the atmosphere you want to create for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

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