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Top 6 Scents Inspired by Places

Top 6 Scents Inspired by Places

All scent and fragrance lovers know that scent has the power to transport us… Whether it’s to a place, a time, or a memory, scent is unique in its ability to carry us away from our ordinary surroundings, transporting us into the transcendent.   

With this power in mind, we decided to use the power of scent to create a sensual journey around the world. We aimed to capture the fragrance and essence of the world’s most incredible cities, distilling them into bottled journeys and perfumed memories. 

Discover how the world’s cities express themselves through scent, as you travel and transform your world using nothing more than the sense of smell. 

How We Created These City-Inspired Scents

In order to create these authentic fragrances, we traveled to each of these amazing cities and allowed the emotional essence of the place to speak for itself. We aimed to capture the whole experiential milieu: not just the city itself, but the natural environment, landscape, and atmosphere surrounding it...and not just the physical elements, but the emotions they inspired.

Our Top 6 Scents Inspired by Places

Vancouver - Juniper, Pine, Cedar, Ocean Water, and Sea Salt transport you to the natural landscape of Vancouver, where jagged shorelines meet bold trees and elegant skyscrapers, all stretching to the sky in unison.

New York - Coffee, Chocolate, Bailey's, Almond, Sandalwood come together, recreating the brisk, refreshing mornings of downtown NYC. Freshly brewed coffee and espresso notes carry you into the bustle of the big city..

London - Intimate plum and fruit aromas merge in the evening air with the vanilla-laced smoke of a fine cigar, creating an atmosphere both warm and intoxicating.

Moscow - Champagne, Russian Black Tea, Incense, Birch Leather, and Amber merge to create an air of lavishment and opulence in this luxurious scent. 

Dubai - Rose, Oudh, Patchouli, Incense, and Musk come together in an homage to this state of the art, extravagant and exotic city; preserving distinctive traditions while welcoming the new.

Tokyo - Cherry blossoms, tea ceremonies, and fine matcha powder create an air both vibrant and meditative, minimal, yet bursting with life. 

Can’t Decide?

Can’t decide which city you’re ready to visit? We’ve also created a discovery set which encapsulates the essence of all six of these amazing cities. This way, you can experience them all. You can learn more about our Cities Discovery Set here

How to Diffuse These Scents

For the best results and scenting experience, we recommend cold air, nebulizing diffusers. Cold air diffusers are a must have for pure and potent scenting.  They are the only diffusion method that does not compromise the chemical integrity of your chosen aroma oil. This way, you ensure you’re diffusing your scent with the quality and efficiency you deserve.


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