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The Secret Ingredients Found in the Most Popular Fragrances

The Secret Ingredients Found in the Most Popular Fragrances

Have you ever noticed that some of the most popular fragrances all have some of the same underlying scents? It’s true, many fragrances contain two of the most popular essential oils, and there’s a reason why. Not only do these two oils mix well with other scents, but they also have added mood-boosting benefits.

One of the most widely used oils in fragrances and perfumes is lavender. Lavender has a fantastic, subtle floral scent that can easily work with other aromas, such as lemon, vanilla, and even earthy scents like sandalwood. Lavender also smells great on its own!

Aside from its great scent and ability to play well with other essential oils, lavender has some amazing beneficial properties that perfume companies love. Lavender has been known to reduce stress and lower anxiety, and can also get rid of headaches.

Likewise, vanilla is another wildly popular scent that fragrance companies love to use for similar reasons. It mixes well with almost every scent, from citrus oils to earthy fragrances, to sweet oils, and even customized fragrances like coffee. Vanilla has a distinctly sweet, yet neutral smell that is easy to dress up with other scents or use on its own.

In addition, vanilla has many beneficial properties. Vanilla has been known to positively improve your mood, by increasing feelings of joy and promoting relaxation. It’s been reported to help alleviate depression and anxiety, and is also rumored to be a pretty effective aphrodisiac.

These benefits sound awesome, but you might be wondering why they matter to perfume manufacturers. Well, think about it: if you buy a product and your headache disappears, aren’t you going to continue associating that product with that positive experience or feeling? Or, if you’re stressed, you might find yourself reaching for that perfume bottle to relax you. You’re linking their perfume to a favorable memory and as a result, will be more likely to want to buy it in the future.

Of course, now that you know that lavender and vanilla can offer you such great mood improving benefits, you don’t have to keep buying expensive fragrances just to enjoy these benefits. Instead, you could try making your own perfumes or using the essential oils as a quick pick me up.

To make your own essential oil perfumes, you’ll need:

  • A spray container or vial to store it in
  • 100% natural vanilla or lavender essential oils
  • Additional essential oils (to get creative with scents)
  • A few drops of alcohol to preserve the scent (vodka or spiced rum work well)

Simply combine these ingredients, creating your own favorite scent ratio for customized scents. You can start out with just one scented oil and add a few drops of others to tweak the aroma subtly. After you’re finished, you have your very own natural perfume that contains no toxins and is actually good for you!

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