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Soothing Your Baby To Sleep Using Lavender

Soothing Your Baby To Sleep Using Lavender

Promote calm and adequate sleep patterns in your baby with the soothing addition of lavender oil.

Let's face it – we'll take all the help offered when it comes to helping our little ones get that much-needed shut-eye. It is, after all, the time when they consolidate everything they have learned throughout their waking hours.

The calming effects of lavender have been a discussion point for years, with many studies linking their use with calmer, longer, and more deep sleep. But what are the benefits to babies and how can we best utilize them in our homes?

Natural is better:

Aromatherapy is primarily extracted plant oils, making them natural and safe for your baby if used in the correct way. Chemically modified oils can disperse harmful toxins into the air, making them dangerous to not only the health of your baby but everyone in the home. Many that use lavender oil, with their babies, recommend diluting with carrier oils. Doing so not only dilutes the oil but assists in assuring its even chemical spread, while also preventing premature evaporation resulting in a slow, steady release into the air.

We advise avoiding the use of diffusers before a child is 1-month-old. Following this time, it is recommended that a cold air diffuser should be utilized.

The bath time routine:

Many adults take a warm bath to relax at the end of a big day, and the same rings true with babies. The warm water, together with one or 2 drops of organic lavender oil, promotes the ultimate pre-bedtime calming routine. Alternatively, once mixed with a carrier oil, the solution can be placed on a bath cloth and rubbed into a child's body in slow, calm and nurturing motions.

Gently massaging your baby on their arms, legs, torso, and back promotes relaxation in the limbs and encourages the body into a position of stillness. Again, ensure that one or two drops are mixed in with a carrier oil before it comes into contact with your baby's skin.

The bedtime routine:

Cold-air electric diffusers, such as those in the AromaTech range, ensure that all the beneficial properties of the oil remain intact, opposed to the warming the oil where the heat diminishes many of the favorable attributes of the oils before being exposed to the air. They slowly release the calming scent into the room, purifying the air as it travels.

Additionally, supplementing the washing machine cycle of your baby's bath sheets and sleepwear with a few drops of lavender oil not only promotes softness in the fabrics but ensures that calming fragrance is nearby all night long, in a subtle and delicate way.

When the brains' primary activity is that of sleep for a baby, it's that much more important to bring calm, restful nights back to your household. Do so while adding the delightful fragrance of lavender to the air, and enjoy the deeper sleep it brings to both you and your baby.

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