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Scenting for Business: It’s not Just for Sales

Scenting for Business: It’s not Just for Sales

You’ve read all about the science of smell and how businesses are using this age-old information to their contemporary capital benefit. Exciting as it is, most explorations focus on potential increases in brand loyalty, shopping time, and sales. From the literature out there, it’s easy to believe sales generation is the single application for strategic scenting in the workplace.

Boosting sales and customer pools, however, is only one element of scenting for business. Scent can be utilized to promote healing when implemented to support your clients’ needs. Service enterprises, particularly those within the therapeutic fields, can benefit from incorporating strategic scenting to their business plan.

Tap into the Brain Through Scent

Our minds are our most powerful tool. Every moment of each day our brains orchestrate a seamless symphony that manages our every movement, sensation, thought and feeling. Formidable and resilient as it is, the brain benefits from external cues and can be assisted through environmental stimulants.

The sense of smell, for example, is one of the most advanced senses humans possess. Our noses can differentiate thousands of nuanced fragrances and will retain markers for personal relevance. Evolutionally, this helped us avoid environmental dangers such as eating rotten food. When you breathe in, the aromatic information about your current setting goes straight to your limbic system where memories are stored, and emotions are processed. For this reason, aroma can help us recall memories and demonstrates the ability to alter our moods.

If scents are so important and the sense of smell is so powerful, business success depends on our ability to skillfully and strategically play with aroma. Think of the nose as an instrument and the scent as a song. Your job is to play the right song for the instrument. Done successfully, the song soothes, motivates, or brightens.

While all business is about making sales, not all companies sell a product. Just because you aren’t a large retail operation doesn’t mean that your workspace cannot have a warm and inviting signature scent. Yet in doing so, you reap the benefits of customer retention just like retail-based scenting programs.

Scenting in Therapeutic Environments

Approach scenting for recovery services the same way you would boost sales. Start by exploring your business’ purpose, goals, and personality. What are your values? Your setting? How and where can scent cues enhance that message? Next, analyze your client base considering their needs and tastes.

Say you run a dental practice. Dentophobia, or fear of dental work, is one of the most common phobias. It doesn’t help that invasive drilling procedures can often be heard out in the waiting room. This auditory prompt is excruciating for the dentally anxious. Once they reach the back office, they’re unable to relax, struggle to remain still, and need multiple breaks to recollect. Appointments take twice as long limiting your availability to other patients and reinforcing the phobic’ s negative association.

A good dentist is patient, gentle, and understanding. An exceptional dental practice looks for ways to mitigate their patients’ fears. Turn to a natural and time-honored solution in aromatherapy. Using a scent in your waiting room that promotes relaxation, calmness, and stress reduction can assist your patients in managing their anxiety during their wait. Relaxed patients will help procedures run smoother allowing you to remain on time.

Utilizing aromatherapy to keep patients calm can also reduce the degree of invasiveness needed to address dental issues. Patients that experience diminished anxiety as promoted through aromatherapy may no longer need to be anesthetized for procedures. In turn, recovery time is reduced. As a bonus, you virtually guarantee patient retention.

When dentally anxious people have a positive experience with a practitioner, nothing short of moving far out of the area will get them to change offices. In this case, it is by not thinking about the sales component of the business (the need to book as many appointments as possible), and instead focusing on enhancing the customer experience, that secures sales and boosts reputation.

Likewise, scenting can be used to create a familiar ambiance. In-patient care facilities may decide to utilize scents to calm, but they may also use them to provide a sense of the outdoors – something patients are missing. The most effective scenting plans will cycle through a variety of therapeutic scents to diversify their benefits.

Quality Matters…

It does no good to utilize scenting for therapy and then use sub-standard oils laden with GMOs, petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, and other synthetic additives. Each of AromaTech’s 100% pure essential oils and natural aroma oil blends is responsibly sourced from premium-quality raw materials and extracted through cold-pressed methods to preserve therapeutic properties.

When diffused through our line of top-rated cold-air diffusion systems, the result is a silent, residue-free mist that evenly permeates the desired space. We have diffusers for spaces small and large. The AromaCube is a portable fan diffuser with mess-free pads that hold the oil and are ideal for targeted individual use.

Meanwhile, the Air Stream Duo is a no-fuss system that can be installed into your office’s HVAC system. It’s set to a timer and holds enough oil for annual refills. It’s potent enough to scent the entire facility, yet never overpowering. The AroMini is a free-standing unit that you can to a timer or remote control. This is ideal for offices that want scent variety or who need access to adjust the intensity of the aroma.

… Subscription Does Not

The beauty of implementing therapeutic scenting in your business is that no purchase is necessary. People aren’t required to believe in the power of smell before experiencing its effects, nor do they need to acknowledge that smell played a role after the fact. It’s not your business model to turn everyone onto aromatherapy. It’s to provide a healing environment where people can continue their life’s path a little stronger than they were before.

Scenting in business is not limited to sales generation and boosting brand loyalty. A lesser discussed application involves employing scent to enhance the customer experience in a way that promotes recovery. Consider your clients’ needs and goals and then use scenting to complement the services you offer. This creates a multi-sensory experience where the client is comforted by the smells around them. When done effectively, you will see the same benefits of boosted sales (bookings) and client retention as the retail markets using scent to drive product sales.

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