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Scent As A Distraction

Scent As A Distraction

During extraordinary and turbulent times, a distraction can be the perfect necessity for us and our community. What is currently separating us in the world today, is also at the same time, bringing everyone closer together. Who we are and where we are simply stopped, as each one of us are doing what we can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This distraction we need and seek is to keep our chins up with positivity and help us move forward. As our positivity level rises, our motivation level rises; this itself becomes contagious and spread to others for the better.

By transforming pure aroma and essential oils into air through our home nebulizing diffuser technology, we at AromaTech, do what we can in the world to motivate others and enhance environments through scent. Whether your distraction is watching a movie on Netflix, listening to music, reading a book, cooking, or simply spending time with loved ones, we believe in the power and influence of scent.

People usually associate natural oils to physical health benefits. While there are antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits from using essential oils such as Eucalyptus throughout history, for sickness and cures:

  • Silence a cough
  • Clear your chest
  • Keep bugs away
  • Disinfect wounds and infections
  • Disinfect surfaces and air
  • Help breathe easy
  • Control blood sugar
  • Soothe cold sores
  • Soothe joint pain

Eucalyptus as a scent however, has shown to clear one’s mind and ease tensions as it stimulates the brain.

Having an ambiance enhanced with scent can drastically affect how one’s mind and body performs. The same as when an environment smells terrible, you will not be able to concentrate and decide to leave.

Often people think fragrances are about the pleasant smells, however our technology at AromaTech plays a key role in tackling malodors or something that stinks. Malodors can affect:

  • Psychological - Malodors increase feelings of depression, fatigue, and helplessness (Hudnell, Otto, House, Mohave, 1992)
  • Physical - Malodors cause stress-related ailments like headaches (Shusterman, Lipscomb, Neutra, Satin, 1991)
  • Cognitive - Malodors impair performance and decrease productivity (Rotton, 2010)
  • Social - Malodors reduce interpersonal interaction (Cavalini, Koeter-Kemmerling, Pulled, 1991)

The positive side of scent and fragrance has been little discussed. Scent is a powerful tool to influence behaviour, mood, and emotions.

Lavender - associated with relaxation and used in sleep and baby products. Sleep studies have found high correlation between lavender scent and shorter time of engaging in REM sleep.

Citrus - Scents like lemon, lime, and orange have been found to instantly pick up your spirits. Not only do these smells increase happiness, but they can also actually boost your energy, which leads again to more feelings of positivity. Citrus scents also are associated with feelings of cleanliness – a feeling we often link with happiness.

Peppermint - Is there anything peppermint does not make better? Not only does it taste great, but it also smells fantastic. Similar to pine, peppermint can also be linked to the holidays, which might be responsible for some of its mood-lifting Peppermint also promotes better breathing and mental stimulation, which in turn, makes us happier and relaxed.

Winter Pine - What do you think of when you smell pine? Christmas! Pine trees are linked to this festive holiday and often promote a merrier outlook on life. It is also linked to outdoor and nature, and has been shown to decrease feelings of anxiety or depression.

Scent and fragrance connects us with nature, our food, our home, and the world that we live in to enhance our lives in many ways. The benefits of scent build a healthy mind and in turn, is correlated to improved physiological health and boosted immune systems.

Out of our five senses, one rises above the rest—only scent is uniquely linked to memory and emotion. Called the Proustian memory effect, memories of fragrance have been shown to be longer-lasting and more detailed than memories created from other senses. The same way music can create a sense of nostalgia, scent has the power to transport you back to a moment in time. Smelling again the 20 year old fragrance like the iconic Calvin Klein One, can remind you of that exact moment in time when you kissed your beautiful date in a bar or on top of a mountain.

Our Cities Collection scent “New York”, reminds one of waking up in the morning and grabbing coffee and chocolate croissants in the city. “Vancouver” is walking around the sea wall and smelling the pine trees around you. “London” is sitting beside the fireplace in a English cottage and sipping on brandy.

Our noses are such powerful organs, full of memories. You only need one memorable note to trigger a memory. Notes of oud, sandalwood, yuzu, or mint can transport you anywhere back in time.

During extraordinary and turbulent moments, a distraction is simply what we need. Whether you are at home alone or with our loved ones, explore the feelings and memories illustrated by scent through home diffusion. We are all products of our experiences and led here by them. This moment in time will make us stronger and we will look back at this in the future - the same right now, how we are triggered to our past memories.

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