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Revolutionize your Interview Process Through Scent

Revolutionize your Interview Process Through Scent

We’ve all been through the nail-biting agony of a job interview. No matter how impressive we look on paper, or how confident we are in our abilities to perform, getting over the hurdle of the interview is one of the most stressful parts of seeking and landing a new job. The nerves that come from wanting to make a good impression, however, often get in the way.

Consumed by the desire to make the best impression, applicants fail to give an accurate representation of themselves during the interview process. They work from semi-scripted answers to predictable questions. They’ve practiced answers based on what they think you want to hear rather than giving thoughtful responses that reflect their working style. When unexpected questions come their way, the cognitive scramble for a suitable response can be visibly apparent.

While you can’t control how the applicants perform in their interviews, there are things you can do to create the most constructive space for your recruitment goals. Whether you’re already using scenting for your front-of-house business objectives or not, consider the profitability of utilizing scent during your recruitment process.

Scent marketing is a trending marketing practice that is not limited to driving sales or securing brand recognition. Scenting can be used functionally to calm nerves during administrative business operations such as interviews. A relaxed applicant has a better chance of showing both their strengths and weaknesses and is more likely to take the time to think critically about their responses.

Shortcomings of the Job Interview

Although nerve-wracking, interviews are something of a right of passage in today’s business-driven economy. It’s a chance for employers to meet applicants and gauge how well they would fit on the team. The traditional and formulaic job interviews where predictable answers are given to stock questions do little for the employer searching for specific skills, qualities, and characteristics needed for the position available.

Personality traits play a significant role in an applicant’s ability to mesh with the existing workforce. While professionalism is an expectation, fundamental differences in communication and working styles may interfere with cohesion and workflow. When potentially helpful or damaging characteristics are hidden behind the nerves during the interview process, there is the potentiality that your new hire may be nothing like the person with whom you sat down.

Consider the setup of your interview space. Is it welcoming or confrontational? Panel interviews, where multiple members of your team participate in the interview process, offer you the opportunity to get various opinions on applicants from the perspective of varied roles within your company. They can be, however, exceedingly intimidating.

Think about the panel interview’s composition. An applicant comes into an unfamiliar room anxious to make a good impression. They are greeted by multiple strangers explicitly tasked to judge and decide their fate. Who wouldn’t be put on edge?

Don’t go changing your interview process just yet. Indeed, multiple perspectives on an interview can be helpful for making successful recruitment and placement decisions. There are other things you can do to make the space more inviting and less stressful. Namely, utilizing the power of smell.

An Aromatic Solution to the Shortcomings of Job Interviews

The sense of smell is both our most primitive and most advanced. Scientists now believe that humans can differentiate between a trillion smells! Unlike vision and hearing which travel through processing centers before we can make sense of the inputted information, the olfactory bulb, responsible for smell, sends scents directly to the frontal lobe where we manage memory and emotions.

Once in the frontal lobe, the scent triggers memories and emotions based on experience with similar smells. For example, the distinct smell of rotten meat triggers feelings of disgust while memories of rotten food remind us to avoid consumption. In this way, odor has the power to direct our behavior.

Similarly, ambient smell can alter emotional states. When was the last time you came across a scent that “took you back” to a specific time and place? If you were brought back to a happy time, you’re likely to feel your spirits lifted. Depending on the context, this scent-driven recollection can make us happy, sad, energized, calm, etc.

If a smell can trigger cues that tell us to avoid a stimulus, we can equally use it to elicit other responses. Aromatherapy, the ancient practice of using essential oils for therapeutic relief, may hold the secret to consistent successful interviews.

Strategic use of scent in the interview setting may take multiple forms. To start, enhance the smells of your industry, such as the smell of freshly baked bread for bakery position recruitment. This can help applicants focus as their minds are influenced by bakery smells and not their nerves. Instead, the bread smell gets them thinking about working in your bakery and excitement pushes them to make a natural impression.

Another scent implementation ideal for interview settings is to choose essential oils and aromatic blends geared toward creating a welcoming, inviting, low-stress environment. AromaTech has an extensive selection of 100% pure essential oil and all-natural aroma oil blends carefully crafted by our scent engineers to promote ideal physical and mental states. Themed scent bundles provide variety while maintaining the objective mind-state.

Premium Ingredients for Premium Quality from AromaTech

Happy, calm, energetic, and able to breathe easy are just some of the ideal mental states for applicants. Use scent to put your potential recruits at ease with smells known to promote these mental states. Purchase individually or in a themed scented bundle and diffuse just before and during the interview.

AromaTech’s diffusion oils are sourced from premium-quality raw materials from around the world with a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our oils are free from synthetic additives, GMOs, parabens, and petrochemicals. The resulting oil is hypoallergenic making our oils ideal for use in areas where allergies are common or unknown. Plus, our oils are safe to use around pets!

We use a cold-pressed extraction method for the oils and suggest cold-air diffusion for their distribution. These processes preserve the integrity, quality, and potency of the oils for the maximum therapeutic benefit. We’ve designed a line of silent, fine-mist, cold-air diffusers suitable for any space. Free-standing, wall-mounted, AC-installed, and fan-powered innovative systems allow you to scent when, where, and at the intensity that works best for your business.

The traditional job interview is broken. Applicants try to cover nerves with pre-rehearsed responses to predictable questions posed by employers. These nerves cover up critical thought and personality traits that could be an asset or liability to the company. This results in interviews where the employer gets an incomplete picture of the potential recruit. If we can put applicants at ease, however, they are more likely to produce organic and authentic responses. AromaTech provides the safe ability to utilize scent to calm nerves during your interview process.

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