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Restore Peace with the Best Essential Oils for Snoring

Restore Peace with the Best Essential Oils for Snoring

What was your first experience with essential oils? While many of us are attracted to essential oils to create a special fragrance blend for our homes and workplaces, others turn to essential oils to help alleviate specific problems. One of the most common causes for nighttime discomfort is snoring, and for that particular problem, essential oils can make a massive difference.

You’ve already been pleasantly surprised by how our light and natural diffused oils spread a selected scent through a home. If you’re interested in selecting your own fragrance combinations, diffusers are an ideal method for everyday essential oil use. Essential oils are credited as homeopathic solutions to a wide assortment of ailments, and diffusers are a great way to capture that benefit. Once in the air, the oil is breathed into the body where it can work its holistic benefits.

You or your partner may be struggling with the sleep loss and regular discomfort that comes from snoring, whether due to a chronic health issue or seasonal allergies. Your mornings have been rushed, groggy, and unpleasant. Ready for a chance of pace without invasive technology? AromaTech offers some of the best essential oils for snoring relief.

We use a cold-air extraction process that preserves the integrity of our oils. Our aromatherapy oils are responsibly and sustainably sourced free from parabens, synthetic colors, additives, or and other harmful chemicals. This ensures that our products are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and non-GMO allowing you to use them for long periods of time without adverse side effects such as headaches and respiratory discomfort.

When you use our scents to freshen your home, you breathe in clean, delightful, subtly fragranced air, not a chemical cocktail that poorly masques undesirable smells or further irritates your senses.

Selection with a Purpose

Based on studies and consumer accounts, the best essential oils for snoring are eucalyptus, peppermint, marjoram, lavender, and sandalwood. While essential oil fragrance can be naturally strong, oils can be blended to preference while still delivering their snoring relief benefits.

While discovery through experimentation can be fun, your family might prefer a simple, pre-packaged solution for quick snoring relief. Our Lullaby and Breath Easy essential oil blends utilize oils are known to promote calm and easy night breathing.

Lullaby uses marjoram and lavender to open airways. Add a bit of peppermint for additional decongestion relief. Marjoram is effective long after use, making it ideal in homes that will not depend on a diffuser all night. Breathe Easy uses eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, and anise for a decongesting and relaxing sensation that opens air passages.

These customer favorites are just what you need to get started, but keep in mind that the reason behind the snoring will help you to find the best remedy. For example, while Lullaby may help with allergies and sickness-related inflammation, it may not be the best choice if the problem is due to a common cold. Likewise, Breath Easy may not bring much relief to illness-related inflammation.

With our help, you can find the perfect cocktail for lasting relief.  We don’t expect you to be a master at homeopathic aromatherapy. Talk with our enthusiastic and experienced staff about how essential oils can restore peaceful nights, quiet biological agitations, and bring a sustained, clean, and personalized scent to your home.

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