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Relief for Seniors Through Top Quality Aromatherapy

Relief for Seniors Through Top Quality Aromatherapy

It’s not easy getting old. Our bodies don’t perform as effectively, and we’re more prone to illness. Many of us will face some degree of independence loss. It can be a frustrating period. Advanced aged persons have a higher likelihood of taking medications to control various ailments.

These medications work in conjunction to create a delicate balance maintaining the person’s optimal health. Unfortunately, these cocktails often cause unwelcome side effects. Returning to the time-honored natural remedies utilized for thousands of years is one way to mitigate the amount and variety of synthetic materials introduced into the aging body. Aromatech’s premium quality diffusion oils offer clean and potent therapeutic relief.

Remembering Ancient Practices Often Replaced Modern Medicine

Breakthroughs in advanced medicine have given us the benefit of leading productive lives despite many otherwise debilitating ailments. One side effect of these advancements, however, is the ease with which we seek relief from pills instead of time-honored natural remedies. Consequently, we’ve largely forgotten the varied benefits of raw organic materials.

Aromatherapy, using condensed extracts of organic materials to target specific discomforts, has been practiced for thousands of years. Raw materials are carefully processed to extract the material’s oil essence. The extracted oil retains the essential properties of the raw material, including its aroma. Practitioners have studied which natural ingredients provide relief for a wide range of common ailments from poor circulation to breathing and sinus support.

A lifetime of experiences also means a lifetime of pollutants. Be it environmental factors or questionable life choices, breathing problems, including sinus inflammation, can cause subsequent discomforts. Purposeful oil diffusion opens the sinuses naturally providing authentic relief rather than the temporary symptom coverage provided by pharmaceutical remedies. Pick up essential oils in lemon, rosemary, or peppermint to refresh your stuffiest room.

Progressively poor circulation, a common issue as we age, is worsened when the body is cold. Stiffness due to past injuries or arthritis also responds poorly to chilly weather causing an increase in pain. Instead of liver-damaging pain relievers, try diffusing eucalyptus oil. Working as a vasodilator, blood vessels are enlarged which also helps combat fatigue and lethargy. The more pain we experience, the less we are motivated to be up and active.

Winter is Coming…

Cold months and short days make the winter a bit miserable for all of us. A marked decrease in access to vitamin D during this season can cause depression in some and has coined the term SAD for Seasonal Affective Disorder, formerly Seasonal Depression. For older adults, SAD can be compounded by decreased mobility and temperature sensitivity.

Fleeting daylight can also contribute to decreased mobility for seniors during the winter months. Failing vision may limit driving time to daylight hours, while personal safety may keep them from venturing out on foot at night. With everyone feeling crunched for time, seniors in assisted care settings may experience a decrease in visitors as family members struggle to get through the season themselves.

In both cases, the result for the senior can be lethargy and depression. Yes, some pills address pain and depression but finding one that doesn’t interfere with other treatments can be difficult. Then there’s the added stress additional medications will have on the liver and other internal organs.

Aromatherapy with Aromatech’s premium-quality top-rated 100% pure essential and all-natural aroma oil blends provide solutions without side effects. Free of parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, and chemical additives our cold-press extracted oils preserve the therapeutic benefits found in the raw materials. Our commitment to responsible sourcing and natural processing ensures that our products are ecologically minded, hypoallergenic, and safe around pets.

Memory, Emotions, and the Power of Smell

Our ability to smell aromas comes from tiny particles of the aroma’s source entering our nose. In this way, when we inhale purpose-based diffused oils, we are ingesting the essential properties each blend has to offer. Unlike vision and hearing which are processed through filters in the brain to decipher relevance and meaning, smell enters the system and heads directly for the emotional and memory centers in the brain. When smells hit these centers, it evokes memories and emotions.

Practitioners have studied aromas and have successfully pinpointed the essential benefits found in hundreds of organic raw materials. These oils have been used for thousands of years to influence mood and promote optimal body functioning.

Subsequently, scenting can be used in psychologically therapeutic ways above promoting relaxation and calmness. Aroma oils can be used to help jog or recover memories during talk therapy. As scents bring up memories and emotions on a subconscious and reflexive level, using scent in art therapy is beneficial in enhancing creativity and depth of self-exploration through art.

Selecting the Right Method for Delivery

Regardless of purpose, optimized therapeutic benefit comes down to the diffusion system. The efforts of a diffuser that pumps out our Breathe Easy hoping to make an area less stuffy would be negated if the operation was loud or the diffused mist damaged surfaces. We’ve worked tirelessly to craft an extensive line of diffusion systems to supplement any setting, even the car!

For single room diffusion, check out the AroMini. Thin and free-standing, it tucks virtually unnoticeable into any corner. Easy access to oil compartment allows for simple scent changes while remote or Bluetooth access lets you control duration and scent intensity. Perfect for stuffy sitting rooms, consider switching from function blends to sweet-smelling treats to invigorate guests and residents.

Individuals particularly receptive to aromatherapy may benefit from the AromaCube. You can take this lightweight, portable, fan-powered unit anywhere, and the oil is held on mess-free pads to avoid spillage. Driving is one of the most dangerous and stressful activities we regularly participate. Calm tense nerves using therapeutic oil diffusion with Drive, our automobile-vent diffusion unit. Potent and purposeful, the car smells great, and daily outing are a little more pleasant.

Residential facilities may be interested in our larger systems such as the Air Stream series. Designed for air-conditioning system installation, the oil canister lasts a year, and we’re happy to assist when it’s time for a change out. The operation is remote-controlled, and the system is powerful enough to provide an even distribution of scented mist throughout the building.

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