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November 24th Is Small Business Saturday – Celebrate Your Success

November 24th Is Small Business Saturday – Celebrate Your Success

November 24th – the Saturday after Thanksgiving – is Small Business Saturday. The purpose of this special day is to encourage consumers to “shop small” by supporting small businesses during the holiday season. The Senate passed a resolution unanimously in 2011 supporting Small Business Saturday, and the special holiday has been going strong ever since with all 50 states participating.

On Small Business Saturday, thousands of individuals and organizations work to rally their communities with activities and events—and participation grows every year. The impact has been huge. Today, millions of consumers report dining or shopping at locally-owned businesses, spending billions in support of these small business owners and employees. This success makes Small Business Saturday a day of celebration that has a positive impact on the whole community.

At AromaTech, we are proud to be supporters of Small Business Saturday. We understand the importance of small businesses and how they promote the local economy and encourage vibrant and connected communities.

As a small business owner, you already know creating the right customer experience is paramount to your success. We help small businesses all over the country by providing quality aromatherapy diffusers and 100% pure essential and aroma oils to boost their connection to their customers and clients.

How Aromatherapy Helps Small Businesses

At the core of scent marketing is one basic fact: customers stay longer in stores that smell good. Whether that means the scent of shoe leather, baking cinnamon rolls, or an alluring floral perfume, your customers will enjoy spending time in your store when you diffuse the perfect scent throughout your business space.

The idea of scent marketing is not a new one, but it’s often underappreciated. Scent marketing is essential: your customers will linger significantly longer–and spend more money–if your store, office, or facility smells great. They’ll also come to associate that pleasant scent with your brand, an essential part of brand awareness and loyalty.

Why Does It Work?

Why does scent have such a powerful effect on people? The answer lies in scent’s relationship with our emotional responses. The right scent can make a person feel nostalgic, happy, relaxed, or focused; it can call to mind pleasant memories and thoughts of joyful or peaceful places, people, and situations. It’s not hard to see how scent has the power to make people feel good–and people will linger longer in a place where they feel good.

AromaTech creates signature scents with perfectly balanced notes designed to make your customers feel better when they leave than they felt when they walked into your business. You can choose from a wide range of scents for your business, such as citrus for an energy boost, jasmine for a sensual mood enhancement, or sandalwood for a calming effect.

Similarly, you can use aromatherapy to improve your employees’ moods and performance. When your employees are happy, their productivity will naturally improve.

What Kind of Scents Should You Use?

The main job of your chosen scent is to make your customers feel happy, comfortable, and at ease so they will linger in your store longer and be more likely return. The type of scent you should choose depends on several factors such as what you sell and to whom. For example, if you sell swimwear, you might look for a tropical scent that contains coconut and banana; a lingerie store might do well with a sensual rose scent that makes its customers feel sexy and confident.

Conservative Scenting

Many people make the common mistake of thinking a scent must be strong to be impactful. In fact, a subtle yet consistent scent often does the best job of conveying the feelings and thoughts you want your customers to experience. The brain is capable of processing and reacting to an extremely subtle scent because of the direct path between the scent receptors and the parts of the brain responsible for emotion.

At AromaTech, we offer a wide range of scents designed to be perfectly balanced and a line of high-quality diffusers, all subtle, powerful, and effective for small businesses. Choose your perfect scent and diffuser today and see for yourself the difference scent marketing can make to your small business–and celebrate your success in style this Small Business Saturday.

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