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Making Your Home Feel as Relaxing as a Hotel with Essential Oils and Home Diffusers

Making Your Home Feel as Relaxing as a Hotel with Essential Oils and Home Diffusers

Staying at a hotel can be relaxing for so many reasons. One obvious reason being that it is clean, and you can relax and rest without having the responsibilities that you do at home. Having room service is a nice luxury for a late-night snack if you are on a business trip and a tight schedule. Of course, amenities like bars, hot tubs, and pools can make going to a hotel feel like a vacation even if you are not traveling for leisure.

Another important factor that makes getting away at a hotel so nice that many do not consciously think about is the scent of the air and the way it can make you feel. Certain scents can remind you of a sweet time in your life or give you the ability to feel calm almost immediately.

Many hotels are stepping up their game in a unique way – by not only having a logo for their brand, but also having a staple scent, and people are noticing the difference in comfort, relaxation, and leaving a mark on the guest’s mind long after they check out.

You can have this same feeling at home with home diffusers, though. You can choose a scent or make your own fragrance creation with essential oils and diffuse them into the air in your home to achieve certain feelings, moods, or to bring back pleasant memories from your past.

Some scents like almond will make you feel cuddly and comfy, some such as citrus fruits will energize and motivate you, and some like sandalwood will relax you or make you feel sensual. By creating different custom combinations, you can achieve the mood you are going for by simply taking deep breaths in your home.

If you are set on one hotel's distinct scent, many are now offering candles, diffusers, and sprays with their signature fragrance creation. In my opinion, creating your own custom fragrance using essential oils is the way to go, though. It's important to use notes you enjoy smelling and are familiar with to help you feel at ease and able to relax in your home just like you would in a hotel.

There are many different kinds of home diffusers for your preference and price range. You can simplify it by using bamboo sticks and a small jar of your preferred scent. Alternatively, you can go as fancy as diffusers that you plug in and set to release scents for a specific amount of time or in certain increments to control the strength of the scent and easily and quickly switch from one fragrance to a different one. These are especially convenient if you want an energizing scent during the day and a relaxing one at night, for example.

See what diffusing a unique scent at home could do for you. Many find it to be as relaxing as meditation or going away to a location that they enjoy. Scents can take you back to certain moments and help give you something to focus on during chores around the house. You'll feel like you are at a fancy hotel with the relaxing properties of various fragrances.

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