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Living Harmoniously Through Puberty’s Odors

Living Harmoniously Through Puberty’s Odors

There’s a key component to raising teenagers that no one wants to talk about – the smell of puberty. Is it uncontrolled body odor? Sun-soaked week-old fermented laundry? Sweaty shoes? Whatever it is, getting away from the whiff gets harder before it gets easier. An odor that was once sequestered in their bedroom begins to permeate the entire house! Enough is enough. Neutralize the most stubborn smell associated with puberty through premium-quality diffused oil scenting crafted by Aromatech.

Changing Hormones Clash with the Bid for Independence

There are numerous reasons your child’s development produces pungent and lingering odors. The first, hygiene, is the most discussed. As children, the body produces different hormones that do not typically secrete strong odors. Additionally, children’s hygiene is facilitated, if not directly supervised, by the parent. This ensures the development of regular pro-social habits. Both factors typically change at the dawn of puberty.

As children hit adolescence, they begin seeking autonomy. Simultaneously, sweat becomes more abundant and carries strong hormonal smells just as parents relinquish their control over hygienic habits. Problematically, this disconnect provides little training on how to care for their changing bodies. Yet the youth often considers themselves “too old” to be taught proper self-care. Often, they are convinced they already know how to take care of themselves and added assistance — including asking for help or information about their changing bodies — would cause embarrassment.

Unsurprisingly, while attempting to practice independence, those previously developed best practices are the first to fall by the wayside. Ironically, just as friends and activities (which benefit from proper hygiene) are deemed increasingly important to the youth’s happiness, there’s no time or little interest fitting in silly things such as bathing, brushing teeth, and laundry. In fact, sweat-filled laundry can sit for weeks - if not months - fermenting in the corner of a bedroom. Then there are the ratty sweat pools they call shoes.

Relief Without Playing the Shame Game

Regardless of the source of the odor, puberty is a delicate time in any youth’s life. The last thing a parent wants to do is make the situation worse by shaming them about their development and subsequent tang. Patience and age-appropriate assistance are key.

Most parents want their children to learn life skills such as laundry and bedroom upkeep during this pivotal period of growth. After all, these self-care tasks are habits needed for the rest of their lives. It makes sense that you don’t want to give in and clean the room yourself to eliminate the smell. It’s likely that, given enough time, the room would return to its odorously offensive state.

Still, you don’t have to endure years of gag-worthy odors waiting for them to figure out their bodies, either. Instead, fight odor by diffusing, deodorizing, and uplifting natural aroma oil blends in their room or throughout your home. Aromatech oils are sourced from premium raw materials found around the world. We extract the oil through a cold-press process that prevents degradation of its intrinsic therapeutic properties. This upgrades your current home scenting practices from superficial cover-ups to long-lasting odor elimination infused with therapeutic assistance for a wide range of physical and mental ailments.

Get Smart About Odor Elimination with Aromatech

Our premium-quality aroma oil blends are scientifically designed by our pioneering scent engineers. Each combination is a musical chord of scents that promote physical and mental wellness. Blends are intuitively named for the mental state they stimulate, or the key scent node utilized.

Best of all, you won’t find nasty chemical additives, petrochemicals, or GMOs in any of our top-rated products. We pride ourselves in reliably producing products that are not only ecologically friendly but hypoallergenic and safe around pets as well.

Our superior line of cold-air diffusion systems works silently to disperse a residue-free, hardly noticeable, delicate mist. Our diffusers provide an even scenting distribution across the desired space and are available in wall-mounted, free-standing, air-conditioning installed, and portable fan-propelled models. Select the diffusion system that best fits your home’s size and therapeutic needs.

For example, a unit installed in your air-conditioning system will create a pleasant scent throughout your entire home. You may not want, however, to scent your whole house at the intensity needed to combat your teenage odor problem.

While the AromaCube is sufficient for single-room scenting, it’s fan operation works manually on a timer – in short, teens oblivious to the odor may not use it enough to make a difference. The AroMini BT, on the other hand, has Bluetooth operation allowing you to remotely start, stop, and adjust the intensity of diffused oils as necessary.

Two Problems, One Scent

Teens go through an onslaught of emotions every day. Between the push for independence, interpersonal difficulties, negotiating romantic relationships, and learning to balance new hormones, there’s a lot on their plates. Lacking experience, they don’t understand what’s going on or how to manage these fluctuating emotions making them notoriously moody.

Instead of ignoring or fighting against this mood dysregulation, look for a neutralizing scent that performs double duty – odor elimination and mood elevator. Not only will you escape nasty whiffs, but you’ll avoid nasty attitudes as well!

Drawing on the ancient methods of aromatherapy, our oils are designed to preserve the beneficial natural properties of each raw ingredient. Since the properties remain intact, you reap all desired benefits attributed to the raw materials used. This means you can conquer the smell and mitigate their moodiness all in one step.

Popular deodorizing blends often feature fruits and tropical floral combinations with highlights of citrus such as orange oil, lemon, and lime. Meanwhile, bergamot orange and lavender have been shown to elevate mood while peppermint and ylang-ylang retain stress-reduction properties. Select a blend that incorporates these qualities or combine oils for collective effectiveness.

Self-customized oils are easy to create. Start with one of our odor eliminating blends, such as Pure Sunshine or Royal Palm. Next, choose a scent oil that addresses mood and add it to the odor eliminating oil when loading the diffuser. Set your diffuser to the desired intensity and duration and you're all done – and finally breathing easy again.   

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