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Have Pest Problems at Home? Learn How Essential Oils Can Help

Have Pest Problems at Home? Learn How Essential Oils Can Help

It doesn’t matter how clean your home is or how secure your doors and windows are – pests always seem to find a way in! Whether coming in from your drains, hitching a ride on your coat, or sneaking in through the smallest of cracks, pesky bugs can be a real nuisance for any household.

While there are chemical options for removing bugs, many people are looking for natural, less damaging ways to ward bugs off, without compromising their health. Parents with small children or homeowners with pets should be wary of rough chemical solutions to pest problems, especially.

Ward Off Bugs with Your New Secret Weapon: Essential Oils!

Similar to humans, there are some smells that even bugs will turn their noses—er—antennas up for every time. In the same way that citronella tends to keep mosquitos away, some scents will discourage bugs from creeping into your home uninvited. Best of all, essential oils are completely safe and derived from fully natural sources.

Here are some of the common essential oil scents that can be used to combat many insect problems, while making your home smell incredible and inviting (to humans only, of course!):

  1. Peppermint – Is there anything peppermint doesn’t help with? Not only does it smell incredible and refreshing, but it also keeps mosquitos, ticks, flies, and even pesky gnats away!
  2. Lemon/Citrus – This fresh smelling, clean scent is great for kitchens and bathrooms and will also stop mosquitos from snacking on you. They’d rather pass on a meal than smell this (and other) citrusy scents.
  3. Thyme – Another classic scent that goes great in just about any room is thyme. This herb will keep ticks, mosquitos, and other unwanted insects out of your home.
  4. Lavender – Light and refreshing, this subtly sweet aroma will help keep your relaxed by making mosquitos, fleas, moths, and other small insects far away from your safe haven.
  5. Cinnamon – This warm and inviting scent has the complete opposite effect on many bugs. This lovely aroma will have flies, mosquitos, and other flying insects running from your door.

Using these scents or even a combination of these scents in your home can help naturally draw bugs away and keep them out for good.

To get the best results from these aromas, consider our highly-rated diffusers, which can quickly fill up a room or entire downstairs or upstairs with the aroma oil of your choosing. It’s a great way to spread incredible scents that also offer pest control benefits.

For our best bug-repellent essential oils, check out our Crushed Lime and Mint, Fresh Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mint Motion, Peppermint, Sunny Citrus, Vanilla Cedarwood Sage, and White Tea and Thyme.

You’ll also find a great variety of bug-repelling options in our Relax and Rejuvenate Essential Oil Blend Bundle and Inviting and Stimulating Essential Oil Blend Bundle.

Keep bugs away and keep your home smelling fantastic with our incredible and natural aroma oil essential oil blends.

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