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Find Relief from Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

Find Relief from Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

Springtime is a joyous part of the year where life is abounding, and plants are sending forth new leaves and blossoms. However, for many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, this time of year can also be difficult to endure, thanks to the wheezing, coughing and sneezing that can accompany outdoor allergies. Rather than remaining housebound while others enjoy the warmer weather, there are some natural forms of relief that allergy sufferers can use. Here are some suggestions from AromaTech to help you survive allergy season and finally enjoy the great outdoors once more.

One easy, all-natural approach to treating allergies is through using aroma therapeutic essential oils. While the use of oils and aromatherapy as a whole are ancient, dating back perhaps millennia, essential oils have become an increasingly popular remedy for those suffering from seasonal allergies. Whether it’s using lavender oil as a natural treatment for irritated, puffy eyes or peppermint oil to ease coughing and sneezing, there are many promising uses for essential oils during allergy season. When appropriately used in a home or car diffuser, they can offer a fresh breath of air, and a much-needed respite from the discomfort allergies can cause.

Some of the most annoying symptoms associated with allergy season are due to an inflammatory response that occurs in the body when it identifies an allergen, a sign that the body is having difficulty adapting to its environment. This is because the body has mistaken a benign, foreign substance—such as pet dander or ragweed pollen—as being a potential threat, and has triggered a defense response gone haywire. This can result in itchy skin, congestion, and swollen or watery eyes, among other unpleasant symptoms. One of the most common allergic reactions, known as allergic rhinitis, can cause incessant sneezing and unbearable sinus pressure.

So how can essential oils help to counter the allergic response chain? While the oils are not able to stop the initial triggers in the body that cause the reaction, there are many oils with herbal properties that help provide relief for a host of typical allergic symptoms. Some of these properties include antihistamines that ease sinus pressure and sneezing and anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce redness and swelling, such as around the eyes or sinuses.

When choosing essential oils to find relief for your symptoms, it’s vital to understand just what that oil is most effective at targeting. For example, peppermint oil is a potent cleansing agent that can help reduce allergens in your environment. An excellent way to counter indoor allergies, or any allergens that may have crept into the home, is to use peppermint oil in a home diffuser in a room where you spend much of your time. Citrus oils, especially lemon, are also very useful in cleansing the air and helping you breathe easier.

Another powerful anti-allergy essential oil is lavender oil, a natural antihistamine that also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially useful for relieving headaches, watery eyes, and skin rashes, while having the bonus of being mentally calming—something that is very useful indeed when allergies are causing you additional stress in your day to day life.

Eucalyptus is another smart choice for those dealing with upper respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing or hacking. When combined with lavender oil, you may find near instantaneous relief from sinus headaches and congestion. Suffering from particularly severe allergic rhinitis? Why not give frankincense a try to help open up blocked nasal passages.

Because essential oils are extremely concentrated, they are far more potent than herbal infusions or extracts. This means that they are not considered safe to use internally and that many can cause rashes or other adverse skin reactions when used directly on the skin. The safest and most efficient way to enjoy the many benefits these oils can provide during allergy season, or throughout the year, is to use an indoor diffuser or to mount a portable one inside your car.

While there are many types of diffusers available on the market, it is important to know that not all work the same way or for the same duration. Some diffusers must be replaced every few months (or even more frequently), while others require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure their continued operation.

The high-quality, durable diffusers from AromaTech work by using a nebulizing cold-air infusing technology that does not rely on heat to fill your living or work space with pure, allergy-alleviating scent. While essential oils are potent, they are also susceptible to breaking down chemically by adding heat. Through our cold-air technology, we ensure that the herbal properties found within each oil reach you at their most complete so that you can enjoy their benefits thoroughly. With many diffuser sizes available, we make it possible to fill either a single room with allergy-relieving scent or an entire multi-story home—the choice is yours. We also offer portable diffusers for your car, allowing you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy while on the go.

Getting started with a new AromaTech diffuser is simple. We provide an empty bottle for you to use, and there is no need to mix water or deal with any unwanted residue. Our whisper-quiet diffusers also allow you to adjust the scent intensity, giving you complete control as you create your very own indoors allergy-season moment of Zen. The sleek, modern design fits well within a wide variety of décor. Best of all, our diffusers are also highly energy efficient, and many are made from recycled components, so you can rest assured knowing you are making a smart choice for your energy bill and the environment as a whole.

This spring, stop suffering from persistent and annoying allergy symptoms. Take control and enjoy the outdoors once more by setting up your own indoor allergy-free sanctuary to come home to, with the help of pure essential oils. To learn more about how our diffusers can help transform your living or work space into your haven, contact AromaTech today for more information and helpful allergy season tips.

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