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Dollars and Scents: Facts on How Scent Marketing Increases Sales

Dollars and Scents: Facts on How Scent Marketing Increases Sales

The sense of smell is our first and most primal sense. Information taken in through our nose goes directly to our limbic system and touches the memory and emotion centers of our brains.

For this reason, a passing smell can vividly remind you of your third-grade classroom or your first job. Businesses have capitalized on this natural phenomenon to connect smells to their brands.

As more people shop online, retailers are seeking innovative ways to get customers inside their physical locations. A unique scent can pair your brand’s product and stores with favorable service experiences, while common scents can evoke familiarity and comfort for a positive buying experience.

People become more likely to buy items the longer they stay in a store. Studies show that positive experiences earn repeat customers and score word-of-mouth referrals. It’s a fact that scent marketing can help with increasing sales by instilling a positive image of your brand in your customer’s mind.

It’s not about bombarding your establishment with personally-preferred fragrances. Effective use of scent marketing requires analysis and scent selection that matches the product and the environment in which those special scents will be diffused.

It is not enough to pair fresh-baked cookies with milk for sale; you must consider if the smell of those cookies positively matches the environment in which customers expect and want to buy milk. Smell cues are highly suggestive-- even a nice smell in an environment that should smell bad will seem “funny” or “off” to consumers. Incongruences are distracting and should be avoided. The customer needs to be focused on shopping, not naming or trying to avoid a particular smell.

Successful Scents: Making Selections to Increase Sales

Using scent marketing for increasing sales is a fact-based artform that relies on two key features: simplicity and subtly.

Successful scent marketing recognizes that many customers have sensitivities to smell. You are already committing to using an aromatic compound from AromaTech that is always 100% free of irritating synthetic materials commonly found in conventional products. But an overpowering aroma that a customer is conditioned to avoid will push that customer to leave.

A pleasant scent that wafts in the background and remains unnamed can help the customer’s willingness to linger increase while their focus remains on your product. In a recent Salon report, gamblers spent 45% more money in sections of a casino that used a floral treatment over sections that used no scents at all.

Scent marketing can be used to drive customer opinion of an establishment. A German study reported that patrons of a home improvement store where the smell of fresh cut grass was used viewed the store’s staff as more knowledgeable.

This marketing tool’s profitability is not restricted to ambient floorspace. In a store in Sweden, a shampoo display that emitted the product’s fragrance was observed and analyzed. Not only did overall shampoo sales rise by 27%, but the power of scent drove sales of that shampoo from that specific spot up by 39%!

These numbers don’t lie. It’s a simple fact that scent marketing has been increasing sales in enterprises large and small for more than a decade. AromaTech is making it easier for businesses to find eco-friendly air-treatment solutions that solidify brand recognition and boost sales.

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