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Christmas is coming soon - How to make a personalized essential oils gift set

Christmas is coming soon - How to make a personalized essential oils gift set

It’s that time of year to start working on gift lists for family, friends, coworkers, caregivers – the list goes on and on. Finding the perfect gift is often time-consuming and at times frustrating. Why not make it easy on yourself and give a gift that will last for years, provide a better living environment, and show how much you care about the receiver. AromaTech’s cold air diffusers and aroma oils make great gifts that last and offer a variety of scents for mood enhancement.

What is Cold Air Diffusion?

Cold air diffusers do not use heat, fans, or evaporation to disperse essential oils. Instead, they transform oils into an ultra-fine mist and use the natural air flow in a room to disperse the scent without adding additional humidity to the space. Cold air diffusers do not dilute the oils and use less oils than other diffusers on the market. They preserve the quality of the oils providing maximum benefits. AromaTech’s cold air diffusers have controls to manage the intensity of the scent as well as timers to control when you want an aroma. Some of our diffusers can be attached to HVAC systems to distribute fragrance throughout the home.

Our Sense of Smell

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense in the human body and is working 24 hours a day. It is associated with memories – mothballs at Grandma’s house, bread from the bakery, backyard barbeques, and buttered popcorn at the movie theater. Every day our noses are assaulted by a myriad of smells – some pleasant, some not. Eliminating offending odors in the home is one way to give our brains a respite from competing smells, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation.

AromaTech Essential Oils and Aroma Oil Blends

Our essential oils and aroma oils are derived from nature to provide healing and promote positive emotions. Essential oils have been used throughout history to combat illness. Our essential oils, combined with our cold air diffusers, work to provide a stress-free environment for you and your family. Our oils are Eco-friendly, pet friendly, are non-GMO, and contain no harmful chemicals or additives. All the ingredients for our oils are sourced from renewable and sustainable resources to ensure quality and leave a minimal carbon footprint.

Diffusers & Aroma Oil Gifts

AromaTech’s cold air diffusers and aroma oil blends are great gifts for anyone on your gift list. For those who spend many hours commuting to and from work, our Drive-Car Air Freshener doesn’t require batteries and the dry refills last at least 45 days. Pairing it with the Ocean scented dry refill will have your commuter thinking they are driving along the beach with the windows open instead of sitting in a backup on the highway. In the place of exhaust fumes, your commuter can enjoy the scent of Cherry Almond, Ocean, Vanilla, or Pomegranate Plum and arrive at their destination refreshed instead of stressed.

Our AromaCube™

Our AromaCube™ is an excellent gift for small spaces, such as college dorm rooms. Combine it with our Warm & Welcoming Bundle containing Dark Vanilla, Vanilla Bourbon, Apple Pie, and Fresh Brewed Coffee for a sense of home or create your own gift scent set with Oven Fresh Bread, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Coffee Aroma oils. If said dorm room needs some fresh air, an AromaCube™ with our Pure Odor Eliminator Aroma Oil creates a refreshing and rejuvenating environment. The AromaCube™ is also great for bathrooms without windows. Add Green Tea and Lemongrass Aroma Oil for a fresher washroom. The Pure Sunshine Aroma oil will chase away nasty smells and leave the bathroom smelling like sunshine. The AromaCube™ works well in an office and combined with our Inviting and Stimulating Bundle of Grapefruit Vanilla, Sunny Citrus, Eucalyptus, and Vanilla Cedar Wood, and Sage Aroma oils will keep your executive sharp and focused all day.

The AoMini™ AroMini BT

The AoMini™ and AroMini BT are perfect for medium-sized spaces. Large bedrooms, family rooms and dens become a relaxing oasis when combining our diffusers with our aroma oils such as Calming, Lavender or Stress Relief. Try our Relax & Rejuvenate Bundle that contains our Lavender Forest, White Tea and Thyme, Sencha, and Fresh Eucalyptus aroma oils.

The AromaPro works great at dispersing scent throughout a large room such as great rooms. Create a luxurious environment by pairing the AromaPro with Oriental Garden Aroma oil for a Zen-like atmosphere. Alternatively, try the Fresh & Crisp Bundle of Bamboo, Fresh Air, Ocean Breeze, and White Tea and Bamboo to create a refreshed and calming environment for the family.

With colder weather on the horizon and heaters blowing warm air, sinuses tend to get stuffy. Combining our Eucalyptus or Breathe Easy Essential Oils with a diffuser will ensure a better night’s sleep. Our Lullaby will ensure little ones get a good night’s sleep and makes an ideal gift for new parents.

Unique Oil Blends

AromaTech offers a multitude of combinations to create a personalized essential oils gift set along with one of our cold air diffusers. If you’re not sure what the recipient will like, create a set containing something relaxing like Serenity Essential oil, Winter Pine Aroma oil for a holiday scent, a floral such as Sheer Lotus Aroma oil, and something earthy like Casmir Aroma oil for a variety of scents. A gift set for someone who needs a little energizing, pair one of our diffusers with our Awaken, Energy Boost, and Revitalizing Essential oils. For the discerning recipient, a combination of Santal, The Hotel, and Zesty Champaca Aroma oils for a luxurious experience. Holiday Spice and Gingerbread Aroma oils will get a Scrooge into the holiday spirit.

Still unsure which oils to give, try one of our bundles to provide a variety for the recipient. We offer a Holiday Bundle with Apple Pie, Holiday Spice, Peppermint, and Lollipop for an inviting environment. Our Warm & Welcoming Bundle includes Dark Vanilla, Vanilla Bourbon, Apple Pie, and Fresh Brewed Coffee Aroma oils will make any home warm and welcoming.

Giving the gift of essential oil diffusers shows the recipient how much you care about their living and working environment as well as their state of mind. Creating the perfect essential oil gift set is easy with AromaTech.

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