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Can I use my diffuser around my pets?

Can I use my diffuser around my pets?

Using a nebulizing diffuser to eliminate odors, set a mood or alleviate cold and flu systems in a room or your whole house provides numerous benefits to you and your family. Essential oils freshen stale spaces, create a relaxing environment and provide relief from congestion. The microscopic particles are absorbed through the sinuses offering fast results. However, you and your family aren’t the only ones inhaling these particles – your pets are too.

Essential Oils and Pets

If you have been doing your research regarding essential oils and their use, you’ve probably encountered warnings about using essential oils topically. Guidance usually involves the instruction to use a carrier oil in conjunction with the essential oil to minimize skin irritation and allergic reactions. The same is true for pets. However, the use of a diffuser deposits essential oils directly onto their fur which they then lick and ingest and, depending on the oil, can cause illness or death. As long as you take care in your selection of oils to diffuse, your pet should be okay.

Oils that are Dangerous to Pets

Essential oils that are dangerous to dogs include tea tree oil, cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, wintergreen and ylang ylang. Cats are susceptible to the same list with the addition of clove and peppermint oils. Pets and cats, in particular, lack the enzymes necessary to metabolize the compounds present in essential oils properly. Prolonged exposure to these oils can lead to liver damage, failure and eventually death so great care should be taken to protect your pets when using essential oils in your home. If you need to battle congestion and want to diffuse eucalyptus oil, do so in your bedroom with the door closed to limit your pet’s exposure.

Pet Friendly Ingredients

AromaTech creates essential and aroma oil blends from safe and renewable sources that contain no harmful additives or chemicals – only 100% natural ingredients for maximum benefits. The products are never tested on animals and are pet friendly. Essential oils can provide the same benefits to your pets as they do for you. Diffusing Lavender aroma oil while you’re away at work will keep your dogs calm and out of trouble during your absence.

To eliminate odors in your home while protecting your pets, try the Fresh Linen aroma oil that leaves a clean scent or Bamboo which leaves an earthy aroma like a tropical forest. For a deeper forest experience, try Vanilla Cedar Wood Sage and watch your dog dream of chasing rabbits through a field. Escape to a tropical island with Royal Palm and imagine a warm breeze gently blowing your dark mood away. For a good night’s rest for you and your pets, diffuse the Bedtime blend for a restful sleep for everyone.

The Bottom Line

While diffusers and essential oils are relatively safe for your pets, care should be taken to avoid oils that can cause your pet to become ill or worse. Avoid using harmful oils around your pets and never use diffusers around birds. Choosing oils that provide benefits not only to you, but your furry family members is a great way to treat your entire household to the beneficial ingredients of essential oils and eliminate pet odors. Always give your pets a break from the oils by diffusing in a room that allows them to enter and exit at will. This practice allows your pet to escape the scent which is stronger to them than it is to you.