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At AromaTech, We Offer the Best Nebulizing Diffusers but Don't Take Our Word for It

At AromaTech, We Offer the Best Nebulizing Diffusers but Don't Take Our Word for It

To get the most out of our AromaTech 100% Pure Essential and Aroma oils, you know you should only use AromaTech scent machines. The reason which you can find on our website can be summarized as follows:

Only these cold-air diffusers produce the ultra-dry micro mist which lets you enjoy the beneficial characteristics of our essential oils to the fullest. They don't leave any residue either.

We have meticulously tested many cold-air nebulizing diffusers and chosen the best ones for you. While you may trust us where our essential and aroma oils are concerned, you may yet be tempted to start looking for alternatives to the AromaTech scenting machines we offer. How "bad" would it be to use heat, a fan or evaporation? Oil is oil, right?

Green tea and green plants

When you make a cup of green tea, you know that you shouldn't pour boiling water over it, because this burns the leaves and destroys most of the taste. In the same way, you shouldn't use heat to diffuse our aroma and essential oil blends. You would overheat the oil, and you'd be required to add more drops to smell something again. The therapeutic benefits would be mostly lost too.

An ultrasonic diffuser may sound like a better idea. Since they are also air humidifiers, they seem to cost less. There are so many models too, and they look so pretty, a perfect fit for your interior. Consider however that for an ultrasonic diffuser, you'll need to dilute the oil in water. This process weakens the scent of the essential oil immediately and bereaves it of its therapeutic power. Since you must buy much more oil, your price advantage will rapidly dissipate, and all you will be left with is an expensive air humidifier.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant scent in your room, and at the same time have an excellent system to regulate air humidity, remember that plants are highly effective for this purpose. They offer other benefits too; even the scientists at NASA are aware of this. As far as decorative elements for your interior are concerned, you can never go wrong with real plants.

Convinced of cold-air diffusion advantages

While you understand now that heating and evaporating essential oils won't provide optimal scent diffusion, you may yet be tempted to browse the internet in search for better cold-air diffusers than the ones we're offering. If you have the time to spare, don't let us stop you, but go ahead and discover what our competitors offer. Only, make sure that you're indeed comparing cold-air diffusers with each other, instead of different appliances that all work in different ways. You know what they say about comparing apples and oranges. Even if you type "cold-air diffusers" in the Google bar, the engine may present you with other machines, so be wary.

Perhaps though, it's best to rely on what our customers say. Many have used other methods of essential oils diffusion, and other scenting machines in the past. Some have been searching for the ideal nebulizing diffuser for decades. As soon as they discover AromaTech, however, their quest comes to an end.

Small Spaces

Let's start with the Aromacube. Occasionally, the worst can happen to the best machine. In case this happens, or if you have questions, we're there to help and to inform. You buy our products with a solid guarantee, and a clear return, and refunds policy.

Most customers are enthusiastic about the Aromacube. They say it's "small but mighty," and consider it excellent value for their money. It's nice and quiet too. Some even place it in their car, though in truth, it's too powerful for that.

For your car, we recommend our Drive - Car Air Freshener. Customers are unanimous that this diffuser is excellent. Ironically, while some buy the Aromacube for their vehicle, there are those who use the Drive - Car Air Freshener for their bathroom. This diffuser and some drops of an invigorating essential oils blend ensure that you'll stay alert at the wheel, and drive safely, even if you have a long way ahead. The most significant asset of the Drive - Car Air Freshener: a black box looks more discreet than a faded cardboard pine tree dangling on your rear-view mirror.

Medium spaces

People consider our Aromini BT Bluetooth-controlled diffuser the best on the market. Not only for its solid workmanship, the sleek design, and the assorted colors, but most of all for the state-of-the-art app. We can assist you with setting the machine up and adjusting the power so that it all works impeccably.

Large Spaces

Not many people have an extravagantly large room in their home, but home-owners buy the Aromapro essential and aroma oil scent diffuser because they can connect it to their HVAC and scent an entire floor of their house. Those who do so, are very content with their purchase. They praise the Aromapro machine for its flexibility, its ultimate portability and the possibility to mount it against the wall.

Finally, our highly compact Air Stream diffusers are in popular demand for large houses with HVAC. This system is available in a Single version and a Duo combination. It's simple to connect; the timer is easy to operate. In mere moments, your entire home will be filled with a subtle, yet lovely scent.

Always there for you at AromaTech

Not only can you conclude now that our machines are as excellent as our essential oils, but you have found out something even better. Whether you order a small Aromacube or a powerful Aromapro, if your new nebulizing diffuser doesn't function as you expected, let us know. Our customer service is of the same high quality as the products we sell.

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