Discover Something New with Holiday Scent Pairing

Discover Something New with Holiday Scent Pairing

Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the one closest linked to memory. This is because our associations with smell contain a fragrance itself as well as the experiences and subsequent emotions that are associated with that scent. In fact, studies have shown that many olfactory likes and dislikes are connected to an emotional reaction and are directly linked to an experience, not just a displeasing odor.

Humans have sensitive olfactory receptors that are connected to the most primitive part of the brain. If a person particularly enjoys a scent, like freshly-brewed coffee, it’s highly likely that the smell is associated with an experience that triggers an emotional response, such as precious time spent with a loved one over a fresh cup. 

The power of scent can transform a space, enhance an environment, and create an ambiance that transcends time by encouraging the recollection of fond memories. Around the holidays, out-of-town guests fill up spare bedrooms, kitchens bustle with activity, and retail shops are filled with shoppers. The right seasonal scent pairing can create a memorable holiday get-together and even boost profits for a retail business.

During the fall and winter months, familiar seasonal scents constantly remind us that the holidays are upon us. The autumn smell of pumpkin spice might remind someone of their grandma’s fresh pumpkin pie cooking in the oven before a family feast. But that memory may change if another scent gets added to the first scent. For example, when you add vanilla to the smell of pumpkin spice, the scent pairing creates a personalized smell that becomes uniquely bound to a memory, experience, or business, evoking comfort while creating new positive associations.

By thoughtfully pairing AromaTech essential oils, you can create a new, innovative scent that is all your own. Each of our Aroma and Essential Oil Blends is prepared using natural and unrefined ingredients that are eco and pet- friendly and free of harmful substances or additives, so you can pair freely without worrying about the impact on your home or business environment.

Here are a few especially stimulating pairings perfect for the holiday season:

Cinnamon + Fresh Brewed Coffee + Vanilla Bourbon

Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla

Chocolate + Gingerbread

Dark Chocolate + Lollipop

Chocolate Orange + Vanilla Bourbon

Noir + Vanilla

Vanilla + Crushed Lime + Mint

Apple Pie + Cinnamon + Vanilla

It can be an exciting and creative quest to try different combinations of essential oils to discover amazing new blended smells. With our handy Scent Bundles, you’ll have unlimited aromas at your disposal, and the possibilities for new scent creations will be endless.

Since we understand the world around us using our five senses, it’s logical to capitalize on the sense that’s most closely associated with memory. When you pair two or more familiar scents, you can take advantage of the pleasant emotions associated with each fragrance, during the holidays or at any point during the year. Scent pairing can be an engaging way to enhance seasonal and holiday experiences while reliving fond memories – and creating new ones.

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