Create the Ultimate Customer Experience with Scent Branding for your Business!

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience with Scent Branding for your Business!

Did you know that although 95% of marketing in the world's leading business uses visual imagery, studies have shown that 75% of our emotional behaviour comes directly from our responses to what we smell and not what we see and hear? Is visual marketing even the way forward for businesses anymore? We think not. Creating a scent for your business is the newest way to effectively market and brand your business.

Scent branding can turn an ordinary sales experience into an extraordinary one. Studies have even concluded that consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services when the brand is associated with a positive scent. This positive experience plays on the customer's emotions, storing the memories for later use. When emotions are heightened, a client is far more likely to make a purchase, as rationality is trumped by this emotional experience.

Smell is the ultimate way of creating a lasting memory of your brand. We have all had those experiences where a specific scent has taken us back to a moment in time. Perhaps the cologne a grandfather wore in our childhoods, or the smell of cinnamon doughnuts taking us back to weekends baking with our mothers. These positive memories are retrieved when the sense of smell is heightened at a very similar state. Effective marketing for our mothers’ cooking there!

Imagine if your business could stimulate similar experiences in your customers. Rather than thinking of moments from their childhood when a certain aroma stirs their senses, they think of your brand and what you have been able to supply them. They think of the positive experience they had when they walked into your store, and the way the scent in the air made them feel. They think of that scent whenever they use your product, see your visual marketing or hear of your brand. Scent branding is the marketing tool that keeps on giving, both to you and your customers.

This innovative, engaging and inexpensive approach to a customer's experience with your brand will not only set you apart from the rest, but will create a whole new personalized realm for your brand. The creation of meaningful connections with your clients and your brand through the design and use of a custom fragrance could serve as the best investment your business could make.

Appealing subconsciously to men and women alike, this incredibly effective marketing tool plays on emotions and not on forceful advertising. With sensory memories shown to be 65% active even a year after the experience, the promotion of your business continues long after customers have left your store, long after they have experienced your services.

Whether through the placement of strategically planned out fragrances and fragrance diffusers in stores or offices, or the specific creation of a personalized brand scent using innovative marketing technology, setting your business up with the right scent will be the best branding strategy you will make for ultimate profitability.

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